It’s Simple Really, Just ‘Forget To Eat™’

Hey there, it’s Charlie along with Barbara McDermott. We are the hosts of what was formerly known as The Insulin Suppression Podcast which is now the Forget To Eat Podcast ™.

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So we thought we’d start this episode with an overview of why we change the name to Forget To Eat Podcast ™… and what this ‘Forget To Eat™’ concept is all about.

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From Insulin Suppression To Forgetting To Eat

I laugh because we went from talking about insulin suppression which is the common thread to weight loss, eliminating cravings and overall good health, too forgetting to eat.

And this really was an offshoot of all of our coaching clients, members and even our podcast listeners, all sharing with us the same benefit. They were forgetting to eat because cravings were disappearing almost instantly. And hunger was happening further and further apart.

Insulin Suppression Is Still The Key To Unlocking Your Health

Now if you’ve been listening to our podcasts or reading our blog then, you know, we’re all about insulin suppression. That is the key. That’s the common thread that really unlocks your life and unlocks health. But it’s this big benefit, that happens within hours, that we kept hearing about over and over and over and over again. 

The typical comment would sound like this, “Oh my goodness, I forgot to eat.”

Blaming The Forget To Eat Podcast ™ Name On An Elevator Pitch

I guess it was that one day we were talking about creating our elevator pitch. When you have a business and you run into potential clients at events or on the street, you have to be able to explain to them exactly what you do in about 30-seconds.

They call it your elevator pitch. 

And we would struggle and struggle with what to say because we do so much.

So envision yourself being in an elevator going from the first floor to the fifth floor. And a complete stranger enters the elevator on the 1st floor and asks you, “What do you do?”.  A proper elevator pitch would clearly provided that answer before the elevator doors opened on the 5th floor.

So then when we kept hearing those, “I Forget To Eat™ comments, we had that aha moment.

It was the repetition…
“Oh my gosh, I forgot to have lunch.” 
“I forgot to eat breakfast.” 
“I forgot to have my afternoon snack that I never forget.”

We Help Individuals, Regardless Of Their Food Struggles In The Past… Forget To Eat™

We kept hearing varies version of, “I Forget To Eat™ . And finally, we looked at each other and said, “Oh my gosh, that’s what we do. We help people forget to eat”.

And these comments were from individuals that had been battling cravings for decades. They were grazing all day long… and many were eating in the middle of the night.

But now they’re forgetting to eat.

And as you can imagine, when they said, “Oh my gosh, I forgot to eat”, It was said with deep gratitude and victory.

Forgetting To Eat IS a Thing!

For them and most of our population, forgetting to eat… that’s not even a thing. You can’t forget to eat. It’s like beyond the realm of possibility, right?

Ah, but you can forget to eat.

The Forget To Eat Podcast ™ Brings Health Back By Putting Food On The Backburner

So these Forget To Eat™ Podcast episodes are going to be all about… forgetting to eat. How to do it the easy, pleasy way.

Let’s think about it. If we as a human race naturally forgot to eat, once in a while or even more often, would any of us be struggling with any version of the metabolic syndrome spectrum of lousy health that are all associated with food and chronic weight gain or chronic pain?

You know, metabolic syndrome encompasses conditions such as, diabetes, pre-diabetes, type 3 diabetes, which is your Alzheimer’s, dementia, heart disease, cardiovascular disease, fibromyalgia, fatty liver disease, even the big C, cancer, right? All of these are part of that metabolic syndrome. They’re all impacted by insulin and glucose.

Forgetting To Eat and Insulin Suppression Go Hand-In-Hand

So if any of us were able to forget to eat once in a while, our insulin levels would drop once in a while, more often. And only when insulin is low, can body fat burning be turned on to GO. 

That’s the difference. That’s THE Secret.

It makes so much sense. If we’re just not hungry, if we’re just not craving, we just aren’t eating. 

From a very basic level, weight loss takes care of itself. Without even thinking about it. You aren’t craving or hungry therefore, you aren’t eating as much. It’s good old, natural weight loss.

It’s built in periods of forgetting to eat.

Give The Food Demons a Permanent Vacation

So it’s exciting because we know so many individuals who had been literally consumed by food thoughts all day long. Maybe that’s you.

How often are you thinking about food? How often do you finish a meal and your mind is already projecting to the next meal? How many of us have experienced incessant thoughts of food?

I call them food demons. My daughter would call it itchy. She would get itchy for food. Food was always present in her mind.

And Say Goodbye To Energy Sapping Food Decision Fatigue

And then there’s the battle of decisions.

Should I.
Shouldn’t I.
Will I.
Won’t I.
Yes. No. Maybe so.

It’s amazing how much energy these decisions steal from our brain. That’s decision fatigue.

Think about all the meals and snacks throughout the day that we have to make decisions about. What should we eat next? What do we have for dinner? Oh, I had that three nights ago. I’m bored of that… but I don’t know what else to eat.

We’re Just 

Not Hungry Most Of The Day

It’s amazing how SHIFTers has totally eliminated food decision fatigue from their lives.

My clients and I eat about one meal a day. And it’s not because we’re trying to eat just one meal a day. It’s simply the way it works out.

And by the way, if we wake up hungry for three meals a day, we eat three meals a day.

But, that rarely if ever happens because, we’re just not hungry most of the day. Nor are we thinking about food.

Now think about the simplicity there. We’re not, every day trying to figure out what are we going to have at meal time, three times a day… plus snacks or in-between meals.

Meals never get boring because when you eat so infrequently, you find that you now have a whole universe of selections to eat.

Confession… We Were “One Of Those People” In The Past

All of this is the complete opposite way we lived when we owned our health clubs complete with group fitness instructors, personal trainers, nurses and nutritionist.

We were the messengers of eating six nutrient dense small meals a day. We were telling people to eat… almost constantly.

The Power Of Not Eating

But today, we understand the power in not eating.

Forget To Eat™ and naturally change your chemistry so that your body naturally forgets to eat on its own. When we Forget To Eat™, insulin levels drop. That’s the King pin everybody.

It doesn’t matter what we’re reaching for necessarily. If we can put spaces between our meals, pleasantly, effortlessly, then insulin levels drop and your body releases stored body fat.

That’s the message for 2020 and beyond. It’s food clarity. How does it work? 

So, as we produce future episodes of our Forget To Eat Podcast  we’ll help you get your insulin, that fat storage hormone, under control by forgetting to eat. Once you do, everything else starts to roll.

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