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Weight Loss Hope Fatigue | Forget To Eat Podcast with Barbara McDermott - EP #45


How To End Weight Loss False Hope

Are you tired of trying to lose weight?

Maybe even exhausted?

It’s because you’re a victim of Weight Loss HOPE Fatigue.

Hope fatigue is a dark, lonely and energy draining place of weight loss failure. Sadly, it’s where most who try to lose weight end up. 

In this episode Barbara McDermott, SHIFT Formula founder shares how our society has set you up for weight loss hope fatigue and failure.

Your doctor, dietician, fitness trainer, among others have given you advice ranging from completely vague to flat out wrong.

Let’s get you back on your feet and out of hope fatigue hell!

Effective Weight Loss | Forget To Eat Podcast with Barbara McDermott


Not Losing Weight… It’s The T-Factor

It’s one of the most important factors when it comes to permanent weight loss but, it’s always overlooked.

In this episode Barbara McDermott, SHIFT Formula founder shares how you can use the T-Factor to accelerate your weight loss progress and provide wonderful peace of mind ‘certainty’ to your effort.

When it comes to weight loss, no one talks about the T-Factor. And it’s this mis-understanding or complete unawareness that dooms so many. It’s the difference between a weight loss breakthrough that lasts for life or another short weight loss blip that like a balloon, deflates and falls back down to earth.

Here’s what you’ll learn…

1.) What is Effective Weight Loss?
2.) What is the T-Factor Role in Weight Loss?
3.) How to Break Free of Your No Fat-Burning Prison
4.) What The Perfect Weight Loss Looks Like

Forget To Eat Podcast - Intermittent Fasting For Beginners


Intermittent Fasting 101: The Ultimate Beginners Guide

If you’ve ever thought about trying intermittent fasting or if you’ve tried in the past but found that intermittent wasn’t a pleasurable experience…

In this episode Barbara McDermott, SHIFT Formula founder shares how you can tap into the many health benefits of intermittent fasting without suffering.

Watch this episode on our YouTube Channel.

Here’s what you’ll learn…
1.) Fasting health benefits
2.) Who is fasting for?
3.) How to use fasting to push through a weight loss plateau
4.) The perfect use of a fast
5.) Fasting foods to use to crush cravings and retrain the brain
6.) Learn the #1 Risk Reversal
7.) The positive impact of fasting to prevent / fight cancer
8.) Strategic Fat-Focused Eating
9.) The Importance and Benefits of taking an Insulin Vacation
10.) Fasting fundamentals
11.) 5-Day Fasting Outline
12.) What to eat during a fast?

Listen now and replace fasting torture with natural effortless fasting.

Forget To Eat Podcast - Why Does Cancer Love Diabetes


Why Does Cancer LOVE Diabetes?

Did you know, there’s a connection between diabetes and cancer? And the medical community is not sharing it.

The fact is, cancer cells consume large amounts of blood sugar. And like all living organisms, when there’s ample amounts of fuel, in the case of cancer it is blood sugar or glucose, the organism can thrive.

In this episode Barbara McDermott, founder of SHIFT Formula connects the dots between diabetes and cancer.

Cancer cells are designed to maximize their absorption of glucose from our blood. Cancer cells need about thirty times more glucose than healthy cells. And insulin which is released to reduce blood sugar, allows sugar into the cells. In effect, insulin opens the door for cancer cell growth.

But there is an obvious and simple solution. A low insulin diet puts a LID on cancer fuel and also returns the body to its natural, healthy non-diabetic state.

The Exercise Fat-Burning Zone Myth | Forget To Eat Podcast with Barbara McDermott


The Exercise Fat-Burning Zone Myth

We’ve been led to believe that when exercising, there’s a “ Fat Burning Zone” that we must be in to burn the most body fat. We even have expensive gadgets, charts and fitness trainers to that measure our heart rate so we can get into this magical fat-burning nirvana.

It’s a lot of hard work for no results!

In this episode Barbara McDermott dispels the myth of the fat-burning zone and the most important factor that is required to burn body fat during exercise.

Why Keto Fails - Forget To Eat Podcast with Barbara McDermott


2 Reasons Why The Keto Diet Fails… (How To Avoid Gaining Weight On Keto)

Mary, a new client was confused. 

She’d heard and read so many positive reviews about using a Keto Diet for weight loss. So Mary figured she’d give it a go.

And then she started gaining weight…

What happened to Mary can happen to anyone on keto. Especially if you’re age 40 and older.

In this episode Barbara McDermott shares the two fatal keto diet mistakes and what to do so you don’t fall victim to the same fate as Mary.

What To Do When Exercise and Diet Aren't Working | Barbara McDermott - Forget To Eat Podcast


What To Do When Diet & Exercise Aren’t Working

Exercising, eating healthy… doing all the right things and still not losing the belly fat?

There’s a very good chance you are insulin resistant.

Even if you’ve not been diagnosed as diabetic, you can still have a degree of insulin resistance. And as Barbara McDermott explains in this podcast episode, an insulin resistant body will not be able to use its body fat for fuel…. i.e., burn body fat.

GOOD NEWS… Barbara shares the two ways to easily reverse insulin resistance.

Forget To Eat Podcast - Low Insulin Diet - EP-#39


Is a Low Insulin Diet For  You?

There is a way of eating that keeps a body from releasing large quantities of insulin.

Insulin, the body’s fat storage and blood sugar lowering hormone, is at the very heart of a person’s ability to either gain weight or lose weight and the ability to accelerate aging and health decline or do the complete opposite.

Suffering from insulin resistance? That means you have too much insulin circulating in your body.

SHIFT is all about seeing food through this lens. Insulin. Keep insulin low, via a low insulin diet, and weight and health restore naturally.

Forget To Eat Podcast - Egg On Legs Story


The Story Of The Disappearing Egg On Legs

A client of Barbara’s shares her plight of ‘being an egg on legs’ and her struggle to ‘work’ her way out of her egg shape.

After years of unsuccessful attempts to alter her shape including…

• Portion control
• Mindful eating
• Counting calories / burning more calories
• Clean eating
• Plant-based eating
• Exercising more

In this episode, SHIFT Formula founder, Barbara McDermott shares how to make an egg shape… disappear without the unnecessary struggle and work listed above.

How To Lose Body Fat - Forget To Eat Podcast


How To Lose Body Fat

Body fat accumulates when higher than optimal levels of insulin are present. Exercise, dieting or fasting won’t override the science.

Even the most disciplined will fall victim to the science of insulin.

In this episode, SHIFT Formula founder, Barbara McDermott shares the path of least resistance for body fat loss.

Learn how to leave all that hard work behind and take the expressway to weight loss / body fat loss.

Dr. Gurpreet Padda - Reversing The Diabetes Pandemic


Rats, Food, Prisons – Reversing The Diabetes Pandemic With Dr. Gurpreet Padda

Diabetes isn’t just about bloods sugar, it’s systemic inflammation, incessant cravings-driven eating. It’s obesity.

And it’s impacting our nation in ways most are completely unaware of.

From our children’s exposure to the US dietary regulations in our public schools and the rise in ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), to behavioral issues in the prison system where most inmates emerge severely diabetic.

We are generating a massive problem of staggering social disfunction most clearly evident in our nation’s urban areas. As a nation we are failing.

And Dr. Gurpreet Padda is right in the middle of it. Based in St. Louis, MO, The Padda Institute is highly regarded as one of the best pain centers in St. Louis.

Which Foods Elevate Blood Sugar


Which Foods Elevate Blood Sugar?

Understanding which foods increase blood sugar is not as complicated as you’ve been lead to believe.

It really comes down to awareness.

In this episode SHIFT Formula founder Barbara McDermott provides a look at foods and their impact on blood sugar… and how, by knowing this one basic law of food science, you can lower blood sugar, eliminate cravings and lose weight.

Weight Loss Podcast


For Weight Loss Only ONE Thing Matters 

Forget about the pills, powders, potions, special foods, Fitbits, or eating the rainbow.

To lose weight and to keep it off… forever, there’s just ONE THING that Matters.

In this episode of the Forget To Eat™ Podcast, Barbara McDermott founder of SHIFT Formula shares how simple weight loss is, once you remove all the clutter and chaos of misleading information.

Just focus on the ONE Thing and weight loss and health gain are yours for the taking.



How Hyperinsulinemia Sabotages Weight Loss… And What To Do About It

What is HyperINSULINemia?

And if your doctor is telling you to lose weight but, has not shared why it is scientifically impossible to lose body fat with hyperinsulinemia… this episode will save you a lot of frustration, time and medication.

In this episode Barbara McDermott founder of SHIFT Formula provides the clarity you need to get out of hyperinsulinemia, lower your insulin needs and lose weight… the right weight, body fat.

For a natural, easy way to lessen the amount of insulin circulating in your body, watch this seminar: http://Forget2Eat.com

Watch ‘How Hyperinsulinemia Sabotages Weight Loss”.

5 Ways ToBeat Insulin Resistance


5 Ways To BEAT Insulin Resistance… And Control Blood Sugar

Are you struggling with high blood sugar, insulin resistance or insulinemia? 

Use these 5 easy strategies to keep insulin, your fat storage hormone from packing the pounds onto your body.

In this episode, Barbara McDermott discusses the relationship between high blood sugar and insulin, which in addition to being a life-saving hormone, is also a fat-storage hormone.

Here Are 5 Ways To Better Control Blood Sugar And Keep Insulin… Quiet.

By doing so, you can get rid of your insulin belt, which is the body fat that has accumulated around your middle.

But even more beneficial, with your body requiring less insulin, you will begin to reverse the damage, prevent future damage and over time resolve insulin resistance.

For a natural, easy way to reduce high blood sugar and to quiet insulin watch this seminar: http://Forget2Eat.com.

Forget To Eat PODCAST - Diabetes Prevention Type 2


Diabetes Is No Longer My Destiny [Maggie’s Story]

Age 45 and a mom of young children, Maggie was well aware of the symptoms of type 2 diabetes. Unfortunately, her awareness was born out of experience…

For as long as she could remember, Maggie had been constantly craving… CONSTANTLY. Her crippling pain was now keeping her from doing basic tasks in the kitchen. And brain fog was causing disturbing short-term memory loss.

And the weight was accumulating.

But Those Were Actually The Least Of Her Health Worries.

Maggie’s biggest fear was following the same diabetes path as her mother. Type 2 diabetes had stolen her health, vitality and even body parts.

Now Maggie feared, with good reason, that type 2 diabetes had her in its crosshairs.

This is Maggie’s story, a self-appointed “tough nut to crack”, who quickly discovered how to Forget To Eat™ so she could forget about cravings, chronic pain, brain fog and the fear of type 2 diabetes ever stealing her health away.

Forget To Eat™ Podcast - EP #29 - Bookennding


End Eating Guilt With Bookending

There’s a lot of emotion tied into food.

If you grew up Catholic like I did, then you’re very familiar with guilt.😱

But eating guilt?🤔

Even the Duchess of Sussex, 👑 Meghan Markle has her list of guilty pleasure foods.

Well, I say… It’s time we remove GUILT from EATING. 📣

Or better stated, FULLY ENJOY EATING again.👏🎉🎈

Follow my Bookending strategy, and save feeling guilty for other things… (especially important if you are Catholic.) 😉

Forget To Eat™ Podcast - Intermittent Fasting Beginner - Good, Bad, UGLY


Intermittent Fasting… The Good, Bad & UGLY

Is Intermittent Fasting Really The 🌟HOLY GRAIL🌟For Weight Loss? 🤔

Like most things in life, there’s a good way and there’s a bad way. And with intermittent fasting there’s also an UGLY way. 👺

In this episode, learn how to get the most from your intermittent fasting efforts and what to do to avoid the UGLY side of fasting… so you don’t do more harm than good.

> Read the Full Article Here.

Forget To Eat™ Podcast - Wayne Lachat


How To Make Weight Loss a Certainty | Success Story 

What do you do after trying 15 different times to defeat cravings and weight gain?

If you are Wayne Lachat, you try one final time.

As Wayne’s weight escalated past the 300 pound mark and cravings for sugar and carbs wouldn’t let up, he found relief. Within 24-hours his cravings were gone. In 3-days chronic pain abated. And 26-days later, Wayne is already down 22 pounds.

> Read Wayne’s Story Here.

Forget To Eat Podcast Episodes


It’s Simple Really, Just… FORGET To Eat™  

The light bulb finally went off for Barbara & Charlie McDermott as they explain in this, the 1st Forget To Eat™ Podcast episode. Our new podcast name speaks to the BIG Benefit when SHIFTing… also known as, insulin suppression.

Knowing how to eat so you just aren’t hungry most of the day, naturally eliminates cravings and keeps insulin, your body fat storage, body fat creation hormone low. That means, body fat can be released.

Read the episode transcript: It’s Simple Really, Just… FORGET To Eat™.

Forget To Eat Podcast - Stop Holiday Weight Gain


5 Easy Ways To Stop Holiday Weight Gain Without Missing Dessert 

This Episode Includes Barbara McDermott’s 37-Page Holiday Weight Loss Guide.

Get your FREE Holiday Weight Loss Guide Download Here

Do you struggle with weight gain during the holiday season? Do cravings become even stronger? In this episode Barbara McDermott brings “food relief” joy back to those food crazy 6-weeks of the holidays. Follow these 5 easy strategies to take back control and keep food from draining your happiness. 

*NOTE: Everyone of these strategies can be used year round to lose weight, and regain sanity without missing dessert or the buffet!

Intermittent Fasting Podcast Episode


The #1 Best Way To Intermittent Fast 

This episode includes Barbara McDermott’s Intermittent Fasting Blueprint Guide.

Get your FREE download here.

Here’s What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

Insulin Resistance Podcast Episode


Diabetes & Weight Gain… The Common Thread

How exactly does insulin resistance happen? Can insulin resistance be reversed? 

In this episode Barbara McDermott reveals the ONE Common Thread that links insulin resistance and weight gain. Once understood, you’ll see clearly how insulin resistance can be reversed, weight loss quickly realized with improved overall and energy an unexpected bonus.

Insulin Suppression Podcast - Becoming Glucose Aware


Becoming Glucose Aware 

Good Sugar? Bad Sugar? Is Glucose Sugar?

When it comes to food, weight loss, and reclaiming our health there is one common thread. The challenge is, this common thread comes in many confusing costumes. It’s when you can see beneath the disguise that food and regaining health becomes easy. SHIFTers call it becoming glucose aware. 


Which Cooking Oil Is Best For Health, Cholesterol & Weight Loss?

It seems like there are endless choices for cooking oils and salad oils. And when you read the labels, they all look”healthy”. But are they? And how do you know which ones are best?

In this episode Barb and Charlie EXPOSE the truth behind the marketing labels of oils. And you’ll be shocked. Plus, you get the easy way to KNOW which oils are best for optimal heath and most importantly… which ones to NEVER BUY Again.

When it comes to deciding which oils are best for high cholesterol, weight loss, heart health, diabetes, and overall health, the science is clear. 

Get even more details on Which Cooking Oil Is Best” on our blog.


How To BREAK The Weight Loss PLATEAU

Congratulations… you’re in weight loss purgatory.

This is actually good news. It means your body is resetting to a new body weight normal.

But, we don’t want to languish in weight loss purgatory forever.

So, in the episode we share the three ways to BREAK your weight loss plateau, so you can get back to losing body fat… ASAP!

Get even more details on “How To BREAK a Weight Loss PLATEAU” on our blog.


Why HARVARD Medical School Is WRONG About Heart Health

Harvard Medical School, Mayo Clinic and even the American Heart Association each provide lists of foods they say will lower cholesterol.

And on the surface the foods they recommend, to the un-SHIFTed eye, look beneficial. See the list…click here.

But take just a peek below the surface of their recommendations, and the reality is… shocking. Most of the foods these trusted, authority websites recommend actually increase cholesterol!

Keep Your Heart Healthy by listening to this episode. And get the full story on “How To Lower Cholesterol Naturally” on our blog:


CHOLESTEROL: From Confusion To Clarity

Here’s What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

  • What really causes heart disease… it’s not what you think.
  • How to reverse heart disease… naturally.
  • Why low cholesterol is harmful to the brain.
  • The important cholesterol roles that  include brain health, mood enhancement & feeling good, and healing.
  • How a type 1 diabetic goes 6 days without insulin.
  • Why we become ANGRY when cholesterol is restricted.
  • The low cholesterol – statins – Alzheimer’s connection.

Learn More About How To Lower Cholesterol Naturally.

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