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Which Cooking Oil Is Best For Health, Cholesterol & Weight Loss?

It seems like there are endless choices for cooking oils and salad oils. And when you read the labels, they all look”healthy”. But are they? And how do you know which ones are best?

In this episode Barb and Charlie EXPOSE the truth behind the marketing labels of oils. And you’ll be shocked. Plus, you get the easy way to KNOW which oils are best for optimal heath and most importantly… which ones to NEVER BUY Again.

When it comes to deciding which oils are best for high cholesterol, weight loss, heart health, diabetes, and overall health, the science is clear. 

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How To BREAK The Weight Loss PLATEAU

Congratulations… you’re in weight loss purgatory.

This is actually good news. It means your body is resetting to a new body weight normal.

But, we don’t want to languish in weight loss purgatory forever.

So, in the episode we share the three ways to BREAK your weight loss plateau, so you can get back to losing body fat… ASAP!

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Why HARVARD Medical School Is WRONG About Heart Health

Harvard Medical School, Mayo Clinic and even the American Heart Association each provide lists of foods they say will lower cholesterol.

And on the surface the foods they recommend, to the un-SHIFTed eye, look beneficial. See the list…click here.

But take just a peek below the surface of their recommendations, and the reality is… shocking. Most of the foods these trusted, authority websites recommend actually increase cholesterol!

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CHOLESTEROL: From Confusion To Clarity

Here’s What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

  • What really causes heart disease… it’s not what you think.
  • How to reverse heart disease… naturally.
  • Why low cholesterol is harmful to the brain.
  • The important cholesterol roles that  include brain health, mood enhancement & feeling good, and healing.
  • How a type 1 diabetic goes 6 days without insulin.
  • Why we become ANGRY when cholesterol is restricted.
  • The low cholesterol – statins – Alzheimer’s connection.

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