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Forget To Eat™ Your Way To Cravings-Free Weight Loss & Health Gain

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Why us

The Art of SHIFTing

What It Means in Today’s Food Focused World

Food is ubiquitous. Seemingly everywhere all at once. We are hard-pressed to find a string of hours where food is not offered to us, encouraged onto us, or ‘calling’ to us. 


Zealous but misguided nutritionists and dietitians counsel us to eat at least six times a day. Throw love, the concept of “nourishment”, along with the food-triggered dopamine rush,  into the mix… and we are left utterly defenseless.


But food is, first and foremost, fuel. We only need to untangle the basic science of how the body responds to our fuel choice and we are swiftly returned to the driver’s seat. We are in control once again. The art of SHIFTing is your return to power by replacing ‘thinking’ with knowing.

The Art of SHIFT Formula

How It Works...

Imagine Not Being Hungry Most Of The Day

We’re not talking about willpower, white knuckling, or pretending we’re not hungry. There’s no hypnosis, pills, drinks or special foods. You just eat in a way where you simply are not hungry, not interested, not tempted, and not craving. You are forgetting to eat more and more often. And you’re loving it because you’re feeling great and losing weight.

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Step #1

Watch The Forget To Eat™ Method Video To Learn About Effortless, Cravings-Free Health Gain & Weight Loss

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Get your Free audio copy of Barbara McDermott's best-selling book, 'FOOD B.S.'

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Step #3

Improve your knowledge by reading the 'Forget To Eat™' and insulin suppression principles on our blog.

Step #4

Listen to entertaining episodes as Barbara McDermott takes you on a journey through food, health and life B.S. to the other side where life is easier, health is optimal and food no longer rules.

The SHIFT Formula Story

The SHIFT Formula™ story started when Barbara’s daughter Erin was diagnosed (Type 1) at age 16.


Despite following doctors’ orders and the general protocol for healthy living… exercise, whole and organic foods, “super” foods, pills, powders, potions, and even medical specialists… not a one of those provide any relief to Erin.


Erin was progressively slipping away… endless weight gain, steady physical and emotional health decline.

Listen To Erin's Story

Only a mother can understand the pain and suffering of a child crumbling under the weight of a lifetime, life-impacting disease.


After a 6-year journey, consumed with finding a solution for her daughter, Barbara pieced together what is now called, the Forget To Eat™ Method.


Through her company SHIFT Formula, Barbara teaches individuals how to lose weight and escape health chaos via a Cravings-Free Lifestyle.


For Erin, the impact was immediate. within hours… relief from cravings that demonized her for years. 


And within days she was a new person…


New energy, improved mood, pain gone, inflammation down and insulin reduced by 80%!


Even the 40-pounds of weight gain… came off her body naturally, without diet or exercise.


And it has effortlessly stayed off.


Erin, got her life back.


So much so that she even opened her own fashion design company, ErinMade.com.


She’s living again because she, like the rest of the SHIFT Formula community, forgets to eat for hours and hours… every day.