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Forget Pills, Powders, Potions or Diets. In Less Than 30-Days, Become a Cravings & Weight Loss BOSS, DOMINATE Diabetes and Finally Attain FOOD FREEDOM!​​

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Barbara & Charlie McDermott | America's #1 Insulin Suppression Lifestyle Couple

Welcome To Planet SHIFT!

This is the place where YOU become SMARTER than your doctor.

Barbara & Charlie here…

Welcome to the wonderful planet of SHIFT Formula.

We must be on a different planet. Because when seemingly EVERYONE is pushing pills, powders, potions & diets…

…We’re simply sharing the simple, step-by-step path that doesn’t waste your time, money and HEALTH on yet another empty promise.

We’re tired of empty promises.

It wasn’t good enough for our daughter.

And it’s certainly not good enough for you!

Restoring your health happens quickly. You’ll be amazed how far you progress in less than 30-days. We GUARANTEE it.

And the “HOW To Stay Healthy” KNOWLEDGE stays with you for LIFE.

♦  Yes, you will DOMINATE Diabetes, control blood sugar, and significantly reduce or get off medication like countless individuals we’ve worked with.

♦  Yes, you will be the BOSS over weight gain & cravings… within hours of starting because you’ll know how to lessen the impact of the fat producing hormone, insulin.

♦  And yes, you also get these added benefits by becoming SMARTER about food. (Reduced Chronic Pain, Lower Cholesterol, Avoid Heart Disease, Alzheimer’s, Cancer, and more…)

All WITHOUT… deprivation, will-power, or restriction.