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Includes everything you need to reverse diabetes (insulin resistance), lose weight without dieting, eliminate cravings, relieve pain, lower cholesterol, increase energy and more! (No pills, powders, potions or products required.)

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How It Works...

The 1, 2, 3 EZ Lifestyle For Effortless,  Permanent Weight Loss & Reversal Of Insulin Resistance

SHIFT Formula - Step #1

Step #1: Get Your Customized Plan, With Personal Coaching & Accountability Tracking In The Palm Of Your Hand

You get a personalized plan based on YOU, your unique lifestyle and health goals. There’s no need for you to deprive yourself because your program is built on the foods you LOVE. And we show you how to eat STRATEGICALLY so your Cravings Disappear within hours of starting and your body begins using body fat for fuel.

Step #2 Follow Your Plan and Effortlessly Track Your Progress

It’s so easy to stay the course. Every morning your daily plan arrives just for you. Our App tracks your progress so you know immediately how to avoid veering off course. You’ll never drift too far so you’ll never lose your momentum.

SHIFT - The Support You Need To Quickly Reach Your Goals
Barbara McDermott - SHIFT Formula

Step #3: Reach Your Goals Easier and Faster Than Ever, Without Any Detours, With Daily Checkins

You’re never on your own. Now Barbara McDermott always has your back. Easily communicate direct to Barb whenever you need help or have a question.

  • Personalized Coaching Options

    Take the fastest path to becoming your healthiest self without the uncertainty of trying to figure out everything on your own. Learn more about personalized coaching options with Barbara & Charlie McDermott.

  • Do It Yourself - FREE

    Get FREE Access to the #1 Health Transformation Program from Barbara McDermott. It includes the easy to follow, step-by-step instructions to reverse diabetes and insulin resistance, promote quick & easy weight loss, eliminate cravings and more.

Who Is It For?

Anyone Seeking A Fast, Simple and Clear Path To Look & Feel Your Best

Weight Loss & Cravings

Anyone of any age who's struggled to lose weight longterm and wants a lifestyle that makes it all simpler. A life without incessant cravings... they disappear within 24-hours! A life without any need to diet, sacrifice or deprive yourself ever again.

SHIFT Formula | Reverse Diabetes Type 2, Pre-Diabetes and Insulin Resistance

Pre-Diabetic, Diabetic Type 2, Insulin Resistant or Hyperinsulinemic

Control blood sugar... immediately after starting. Naturally. Lower your A1C effortlessly while eating foods you love. And soon have your doctor reversing your diabetes or insulin resistance diagnoses.

SHIFT Formula | Arthritis Pain & Inflammation Relief

Chronic Pain: Fibromyalgia, Restless Leg Syndrome, Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Neuropathy, Joint & Tissue Inflammation

Pain and inflammation are an indication of a internal hormonal imbalance. You learn to make a small 'shift' so that your body naturally restores its hormonal balance that provides permanent pain relief within a few days.

SHIFT Formula | Reverse Heart Disease, Lower Cholesterol Naturally

Alzheimer’s, Cancer, and Heart Disease

Avoiding and/or improving upon these life altering conditions happens when your body is able to self-correct. Unfortunately for most individuals their body is overly preoccupied with the moment to moment burden of balancing out of whack blood sugar and hormones. (Even those not diagnosed with diabetes!) Once balance is restored, self-correction and healing occurs.

SHIFT Formula | For Physicians, Nutritionist, Dieticians & Personal Trainers

Physicians, Dieticians, Nutritionist and Fitness Trainers

Far too many professionals struggle with the same weight and diabetes related conditions as the general public. Or they realize that the advice they are giving... is simply not working for their patients and clients.

SHIFT Formula | Corporate Wellness

CEOs, Entrepreneurs & Corporate Wellness

Seeking heightened productivity, mood and a mental edge for you or your employees? One of the first benefits, within the first day of shifting, is the elimination of brain fog. Soon after, comes the surge of energy, enhanced endurance and better overall positive mood. It's the best investment in your business you could ever make.


Potassium For Weight Loss

Did you know that potassium plays an important role for weight loss? Learn how to use potassium to avoid body fat accumulation and get the list of the best high-potassium foods.

Forget To Eat Podcasts

Entertaining episodes take you on a journey through food, health and life B.S. to the other side where life is easier, health is optimal and food no longer rules.

Intermittent Fasting Blueprint

Inside The Guide Is Everything You Need To Get ALL The Health Benefits Of Intermittent Fasting Without Fighting Hunger Or Low-Energy.

Get ‘FOOD B.S.’ – FREE

Download your free copy of 'FOOD B.S.', the #1 Best-Seller from Barbara McDermott. It's the book that started the Insulin Suppression Lifestyle movement.