Lifetime Of Carb and Sugar Cravings Gone in 24-Hours

Although SHIFT Insiders understand that carb and sugar cravings are one and the same, much of the outside world needlessly beats themselves up because they don’t realize the connection. Often times they eat foods they’ve been told are healthy, with no idea that those foods trigger more cravings.

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Carb and sugar cravings WERE Wayne Lachat’s achilles heel. A rouged Vermonter, Wayne is accustomed to hard work and physical labor. But when it came to his battle with weight gain, chronic pain and cravings, hard work wasn’t cutting it.

Over the years Wayne tried 15 different programs and his weight grew to over 300 pounds. And every one of those programs recommended that he eat in a way that brought on more cravings. Yes, it took a lot of work, discipline and will power to realize some short-term results. but, sustaining those diets was a whole other matter.

Below is Wayne’s story of triumph over carb and sugar cravings. But more importantly, the story of Wayne’s new lifestyle that doesn’t require any hard labor because he knows how to  Forget To Eat™.

Watch Wayne’s Story Of Why Weight Loss Is Now a Certainty

Barbara McDermott: Hey there, this is Barbara McDermott with SHIFT Formula and host of the Forget To Eat™ Podcast. My guest today is Wayne Lachat. Welcome Wayne.

Now, you are one of our newer SHIFT Insider Members. How long have you been a part of the SHIFT Community?

How Long Have You Been a Part of the SHIFT Community?

Wayne Lachat: I’ve been a SHIFT Member and coaching client for 26-days. 

Barbara McDermott: And what brought you to SHIFT Formula?

Wayne Lachat: So, it was if by chance I guess. I was going through Facebook and I watched a video snippet of you. That triggered an interest. So I hit the ‘like’ button. I’ve been following your teachings for about a year now.

Listening to what you had to say. A lot of things made sense. But you know, following a kind of a high fat diet just went totally against everything I knew. And against anything that’s worked for me in the past.

Tired of Counting Carbs & Being Consumed By Constant Thoughts Of Food Even While Eating

Especially because I’ve had high cholesterol in the past, so having that style diet would give my doctor a heart attack. But now I understand that my high cholesterol fears aren’t valid.

And then one day about a month ago, it just hit me. I had a day where I realized I had just finished eating and was already planning my next meal and counting what the carbs were going to be. And that night I saw your video and it talked about the insanity of exactly what I went through that day. The fighting for the meal that you just went through. And, before you finish the last bite you’re planning for your next meal that’s also loaded with carbs.

That was me. And I was very cognizant of it that day. So it all just fell into place. And I said, it can’t hurt to give this a try because what I’m currently doing is killing me.

Barbara McDermott: So what jumped out at me from what you just shared is what I call, incessant, intrusive thoughts of food. It’s when we are literally finishing the last few bites of our current  meal and we’re already thinking about our next meal. What it’s going to be and when we are going to eat it. Is that what you’re talking about?

Wayne Lachat: Absolutely. Yep.

Barbara McDermott:  Were cravings a pretty powerful part of your life?

Wayne Lachat: Cravings were a constant part of my life. And especially when it came to anything that was loaded with carbohydrates… and fruit.

Now that I’m SHIFTing, I realize that fruit is high in sugar. But back then, my brain was telling me that, “Hey, this fruit is something that’s sweet, really tasty and it’s good for me. It’s certainly better than, a bagel or other high-carb foods.

Barbara McDermott: Yeah. The whole category of carbohydrates. It’s overwhelming and confusing. We had shared on a Facebook post recently how there’s actually more sugar that impacts your body by consuming a large green apple than there is in eating one original crispy cream glazed donut.

Now, I’m not saying to eat the donut. I’m just saying that the apple isn’t it. The apple is more of a lateral move verses the donut. The apple isn’t the healthy move we are led to believe it was.

Wayne Lachat - SHIFT Formula Success Story
Wayne Lachat

Teaching Life Skills & Seeing Food As How Many Teaspoons of Sugar It Will Convert Into

Wayne Lachat: And that comparison entered into a great conversation that I had recently with one of the boys. And just to give you a little bit of background, I have a therapeutic support home for boys ages 14 to 18 that are in the foster care system and have also experienced trauma. And my goal is to teach them life skills. And I work with them as long as I possibly can until they decide to move on or they’ve aged out of the system.

But any chance I get to explain to them how the world works in any way, shape, or form is great. And SHIFTing has been such a learning experience. Because for me, the way I look at food now is to see food as, how much sugar does this make going into my body?

Not necessarily how much sugar it has in the ingredient packet or food label. But how much of a sugar load that particular food will become blood sugar. And when you were able to break it down to teaspoons, I could easily calculate that by dividing it by four.

So one of the boys was asking, “Hey, I’m going to have some organic apple juice. This has gotta be good for me. Right?”

And I said, “Well, yeah, I mean it’s a lot better than the soda you were thinking about having I guess. But let’s check and see what the sugar difference is.”

And we compared it. And there was only about a half a teaspoon difference between the soda and the organic apple juice. That was amazing to see. And it was an eye opener for him. 

What you have taught me is such an easy way for me to track the sugar. And then ask myself, “Do I really want to put this into my body right now? And then have to fight through that sludge.”

Barbara McDermott: That’s a great way to put it, “fight through the sludge”.

It’s interesting you said, sludge. I remember looking at my daughter with her type one diabetes. And when her blood sugar was elevated, I would see it as sludge. So interesting. It feels like sludge.

Wayne Lachat: It does.

Amazed By The Loss Of Pain… Within 3-Days

Barbara McDermott: Give us a little bit of history. What are you SHIFTing for?

Wayne Lachat: I’ve had all kinds of medical issues throughout my life. But yet I’ve been in pretty rugged jobs and have constantly been in pain. I have osteoarthritis throughout my body from years of beating it up with work. I have a knee that at some point in time is going to have to be replaced. And I’ve got a hip that at some point in time is going to have to be replaced.

What I’ve noticed in these past 26 days of SHiFTing, which is remarkable and absolutely amazing to me is the loss of pain. I have a lot less pain now. And it happened well within the first week. I noticed it within probably the first three days.

You and I had talked at one time about the sugar that I was putting into my system, and I could equate that sugar to running your hand through raw sugar. It’s almost like sandpaper. That in my mind is what I was looking at going through my joints. But now that I am SHIFTing, fat is replacing the sugar. That’s an oil. I feel like I’m oiling my joints instead of allowing grit and everything else to go through my joints.

And it’s no wonder I feel much. So much better. It’s remarkable.

Barbara McDermott: Awesome. And I know that along with that there is an easing in your body. And how old are you, Wayne?

Wayne Lachat: I’m 54

Barbara McDermott: 54. Okay. And you’re a robust Vermonter kind of a guy.

Wayne Lachat: Oh, yeah.

22 Pounds Lost In 22 Days & No Need For Portion Control

Barbara McDermott: But you noticed an easing of inflammation, scratchiness and pain. And you also had another triumph in this short period of time so far, correct?

Wayne Lachat: Yes, definitely. It was amazing. I’m not one for really weighing myself. I like to weigh myself on occasion just to make sure I’m making progress. But I had a doctor’s appointment 15 days after starting my SHIFT. I lost 22 pounds in 22 days. And at my doctors appointment, 15 days after starting, I had lost about 15 pounds.

So it worked out to be about a pound a day lost. Which is just amazing.

Now, I’m a pretty big guy, so I expected that I would initially lose the weight pretty fast. And I went back to the doctor a week later and I only lost two pounds. I say only two pounds, but I’m thinking about all the other weight loss programs that I’ve ever tried and I’ve always been told two pounds is a good healthy weight to lose every week. 15 pounds every week, probably not so much.

Wayne Lachat: But the two pounds is definitely the healthy way to do it. Although it was a little bit discouraging to see my weight loss slowed for that moment, I was able to turn that around and just be really happy that my weight loss success is continuing. And there is no need for portion control.

I am not hungry. I am not starving. I am not, craving. Which blows my mind!

It was amazing how fast that all happened. I’ve always believed that it takes 21 days to change a habit. And within 24 hours, I really didn’t have any cravings. Three days into this and it was very clear to me that, this is not a placebo effect. 

This is actually real because I was able to go 15 to 18 hours between a meal… without trying. And I wasn’t starving. And at that 18 hour point, what amazed me the most, as I was preparing my meal, I was salivating.

Wayne Lachat: Normally when I’m preparing a meal, my stomach growls. Even if I’m not really hungry. 

Usually when I’m preparing food, my stomach’s like, “just stuff it in me”. You know, feed me. But now, this was all different. My stomach wasn’t growling. It was my mouth that was salivating for the food. And when I tasted the food, I really enjoyed it. I wasn’t inhaling it. I was just enjoying it. It was very flavorful. It was actually a really good experience to eat. 

And it wasn’t about satisfying my cravings. It was because, at that point after not eating anything for 18 hours I was hungry. I needed to eat. I wasn’t starving like I certainly would have been in the past.

Barbara McDermott: Do you notice a transformation, feeling like a kid again? When I first started SHIFTing it reminded me of what I ate as a child.

Wayne Lachat: Well, I would say the last two years, food did not have a good taste. I’d have cake or pie or something that should taste good, but it really didn’t. And I’d take a slice, and my mentality was, I’m going to eat the whole thing regardless of whether it tasted good or not.

If I put it on my plate, I ate it.

Now it’s the complete opposite.

The other day had this unbelievable salad. It was just phenomenal with a bunch of meats and cheeses mixed in. And halfway through eating it I was like, mm, I can stop now. I was really satisfied. And I thought, “I don’t have to eat the whole thing.” And I didn’t, and was okay with it.

My mindset has changed. I realized that, I’m doing this for me, I’m doing this to become healthy again. I’m realizing that at age 54, I was running out of steam. And keeping up with teenage boys was getting more and more challenging. Especially with the excess weight.

How To Go From Eating Every Few Hours To Forgetting To Eat For 28 Hours…

Barbara McDermott: And you know, I was just thinking along those lines, in SHIFT we try to reach out to people, encourage them to believe that you can actually reset your body so that you literally Forget To Eat™ more often.

Wayne Lachat: Right.

Barbara McDermott: Have you ever had that Forget To Eat™ sensation? I know your meals are spreading out, but have you had the actual, “Oh my gosh, I forgot to eat!” moment?

Wayne Lachat: Absolutely. There was a great time. It was about 10:00 in the morning and I was saying to myself, “I’m starting to get a little bit hungry.” And I’m thinking when the last time I ate anything was two o’clock in the afternoon the day before. No wonder I’m hungry!

That evening my kids were coming over for dinner. So I didn’t want to eat anything heavy before dinner. So I figured I’d just grab a hard boiled egg and that should be fine. Then on my way to the kitchen, I got sidetracked with the boys and ended up doing a few things with them.

Wayne Lachat: And then I ended up working outside because I had a bunch of stuff to do before it snowed later that day.

Next thing I knew it was 2:30 in the afternoon and I wasn’t really that hungry. And I’m thinking I should get something to eat but it was getting close to dinner and I felt great. So I waited until I had dinner with my family. And even then, I wasn’t starving.

It was satisfying to eat. It was delicious. And you know, I enjoyed the whole “forgetting to eat” experience which was what, 28 hours? 

I wasn’t starving. 

26 days ago you couldn’t convince me that would ever happen. There’s no way. In the past I had been feeding myself every moment I could, every couple hours at a minimum.

Barbara McDermott: Yeah. When we are craving. When we are thinking a lot about food. When we find ourselves grazing, which is really the nutritional directives that kind of led us there. They are all signs of being trapped in sugar burning mode.

But in your case now, you’re experiencing these hours, sometimes 28 hours at a time where you’re not thinking about food. And when you are thinking about food, it’s to notice how long you’ve gone without thinking about food or eating.

When We Forget To Eat™, We Get To Dine In

The very cool thing for our listeners to understand is what Wayne is accomplishing. When he’s not eating his insulin levels drop down low. And when insulin levels drop, we can tap in to our on board fuel. We can tap into our body fat.

When we’re not eating, when we’re not hungry, we’re dining in. We’re using our body fat for fuel. That’s how we lose weight. We get to use it up… finally.

Wayne Lachat: Right.

Barbara McDermott: And by literally forgetting to eat, you’re able to do it pleasantly without white knuckling it… or forcing yourself not to eat.

Wayne Lachat: Yeah. Well that was another life lesson I gave to one of the boys. I was eating my dinner. And he commented, “That’s a lot of cholesterol there. Aren’t you worried about your cholesterol?”

And I said, “No, I’m good”.

He was eating a pizza and I said, “Here’s the funniest part about this. The fuel that you’re eating in the pizza, is like burning a piece of paper. You’re going to keep needing to burn more pieces of paper and they’re going to burn out fast. And then you’re going to need another piece of paper, more food, to keep that fire lit.”

“But, my meal is like a candle. I’m eating it, which lights the wick. Slowly, it starts to melt down. And it burns off its own self, continuously, until it burns out. So that candle, I don’t have to worry about it, or think about it, or try to control it, nothing. But you still have to feed in more pieces of paper to keep your fire going.”

And he was like, wow. It got him thinking. And that led into a much deeper discussion about good health. It was a good analogy for him to grasp the concept.

Barbara McDermott: You know, I had never heard the paper versus the candle wax comparison before. That’s really powerful. And the peace that we experience when we are in that mode. You know, it’s a cliche to say fat burning. Sugar burning. Because the world takes it in, and manipulates it. But when you’re actually in body fat burning, it’s really powerful.

Wayne Lachat: Yeah. Yeah.

The Greatest Challenge – Spirit Sapping Carb and Sugar Cravings

Barbara McDermott: So you went from struggles to a solution for weight gain, pain and cravings. To me, I think the food demons are often the most spirit sapping of all. And you certainly were demonized by the carb and sugar cravings, right?

Wayne Lachat: Yeah.

Barbara McDermott: Can you talk about that?

Wayne Lachat: I was going to say that it’s a little demoralizing too. Because for all these years I’m really fighting with myself. Knowing that what I’m doing is harming myself. But I couldn’t control it. 

Yeah. Without the carbs and sugar calling to me, it’s a whole different outlook on life now.

Barbara McDermott: Yeah. We’ve had many SHIFTers say that they feel as if they’ve found themselves again. They felt underneath it all. Like you said, demoralized by carbs and sugar, which are one and the same. Our self esteem drops. And we start beating ourselves up. Our inner critic gets louder for sure.

So you had some great surprises… within hours your cravings were gone, and pretty quickly into your SHIFT. you’ve been going for hours on end, not hungry, and not eating. Or as we SHIFTers like to call it… Forgetting To Eat.  And of course the end result of not being hungry or cravings carbs and sugar, has been natural, effortless weight loss.

You’re SHIFTing from craving to actually enjoying hunger and meals again. You’ve regained your enjoyment of food. And you now have the ability to be able to stop eating halfway through a meal because you’re full, satisfied. And not because you feel you have to stop or practice portion control.

Wayne Lachat: Right. Yeah.

The Certainties Of SHIFTing

Barbara McDermott: So, to wrap this up, Wayne, if someone out there is listening and they can identify with you and the struggles that you’ve experienced, can you share the certainties you now have that you hadn’t had in the past?

Wayne Lachat: Yeah. It’s really funny the transition going through SHIFT and working with you as a coaching client compared to the old mindset of weight loss programs I was involved with in the past. Talking about certainties, I have the certainty that with the way that I’m eating, losing the weight is a given.

I’m feeling stronger. I’m feeling healthier. I’m able to actually go for a walk and not have excruciating pain. Now when I do hills, I still feel some pain, but it’s nowhere near what it was before.

To feel energized, to wake up in the morning and actually want to get up and do things instead of feeling lethargic and cruddy all the time. Those are the things that really boost me. And I’ve heard stories from people who have lost weight. And they talk about having more energy and feeling better.

Now I know it’s true. It just makes sense. But to actually experience it in such a short amount of time, that blew me away. Because everybody that’s gone through that, it’s always been a few months before they really feel that difference. This was three days. I felt a difference. I knew that this was going to work for me. And that this is something that I can do for life.

Here’s the most critical part. Every diet that I’ve been on and I probably tried 15 different ways of eating, or trying to lose weight. Not once could I seem to grasp the fact that I could do any of them for the rest of my life. They were all short-term.

But with SHIFT, I have found a lifestyle.

This particular way of eating, this SHIFTing, I enjoy so much.

It’s such a simple and easy way to live. Meal prep is incredibly easy. I love it. And as busy as I am, it’s exactly what I need. The food is delicious. My grocery bill is cut.

That was the other part that blew me away. I’ve gone on diets where my grocery bill to buy good stuff compared to the cruddy stuff was outrageous. With eating SHIFTed, it’s been just the opposite. My food bill is less. And to eat better, healthier, to feel better and to have lower food bills, all of that is just such a bonus for me.

Barbara McDermott: Like all the boxes get checked off, right?

Wayne Lachat: Yeah. I mean, I can’t thank you enough for all the science that you’ve brought out and explained in a way where people like myself can quickly grasp. And it really is so simple. If you follow through with yourself and follow through with your plan, it’s very easy to do.

I think the trigger for people, and I think this is the case whenever we make a lifestyle change, is we have to be ready for it. You know, if in their mind they’re not ready for it, it’s very hard to succeed. But if they’re able to visualize that this is something that they can do and will want to do it, they shouldn’t have any problems doing this at all.

Barbara McDermott: Well, Wayne, I want to thank you so much for your time. The first time I heard your voice, I was like, okay, this voice has got to be heard. And then when the person behind the voice was as awesome as you turned out to be, I was like, wow, there’s the whole package. So that’s how we feel about you. I’m telling ya.

And as a teacher and a coach, like you just said, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. And it seemed to be that that was our fate for us because you just took everything I taught and just applied it. Applied, applied, applied. 

And now what I love more than anything, not only are you changing your fate, but you’re impacting young people. Yeah. And those young guys, once they know and learn from you, you can’t un-know it. You can’t un-know. It’s such a powerful catalyst for them and their health going forward.

Wayne, thank you for your time. And as I always say, “Keep calm and SHIFT on!”

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