Permanent Weight Loss & Diabetes Reversal Without The Hassle, Sacrifice or Effort

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What Our Clients Say...

"To lose all that weight.. over 60 pounds and counting. I am not hungry. I am not starving. I am not craving... which blows my mind. And it was amazing how fast. Within 24 hours, I didn't have any cravings. And, there are days where I go for 15 hours or more between meals… without being hungry.”
Wayne Lachat
"George was told 4 years ago the his carotid artery was showing signs of blockage. His doctor told him that when it reaches a certain amount of blockage they will operate. Every six-months he goes in for a special screening to see how far the blockage has progressed. Last week George went in for his latest test. When his doctor came in the room to review the results he told George, ‘THERE IS NO SIGN OF ANY BLOCKAGE. NONE AT ALL! I JUST CAN’T BELIEVE THIS. I’VE NEVER SEEN THIS HAPPEN TO ANY OTHER PATIENT BEFORE!’"
George F
Luann & George Fischer
"SHIFT Saved My Life I'm 65 lbs. lighter with an A1C in the 6s. My insulin most days is down to ZERO. I had been taking up to 72 units a day just a few months ago."
Boyd Davis Jr.
"Happy New Year to you both! Thanks for changing my life a year ago. I’m down 60lbs and my blood sugars down 70 points."
Jimmy Smith
"I've lost over 80lbs in a little less than a year, but better yet, I've lost my rosacea, IBS, arthritic pain, brain fog and so much more. I am NEVER ever craving and I go through most of the day without being hungry. I started this to get my blood sugar under control. I have gone from 7 diabetic pills a day to 1. And hopefully soon that will be discontinued. This is safe, easy and I love it!
Gail Ouellette
"I just passed my one year SHIFT anniversary… 80 pounds down, ibuprofen no longer my daily ritual… more energy and less pain. When people marvel at my will power, I laugh. I have no “will power”. I just don’t crave anymore. I’m just not hungry most of the time. Thank you for the support and encouragement!"
Nancy Swanson Crapser
"My Fibromyalgia Is GONE! 10 years ago I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. During the cold months I’d struggle to get out of bed. Within the first two-weeks my Fibromyalgia symptoms lessen to the point of almost non-existence! And today, I’m completely pain / symptom-free and have lost 44 pounds!"
Donna DiNunzio

What's Included In Your Plan...

Educational Forget To Eat™ Method Courses

Entertaining step-by-step instruction that quickly teaches you how to Forget To Eat™, WITHOUT Cravings, so you can effortlessly use your body fat for fuel to lose weight and regain your health.

Daily Group Coaching Classes

To address what we feed our body without addressing what we’re feeding our minds is like creating the perfect wagon but without any wheels. Topic led live group coaching sessions are available 6-days a week. Attend as many as you'd like.

Group Intermittent Fasts

Learn how to reap the benefits of fasting naturally, without sacrifice, discipline or hunger. These sessions are led by Barbara McDermott and provide the ideal support and community to take your health gain to an accelerated level.

Live New Member Orientation Session

Get the most from your membership with these live, insightful sessions. Charlie McDermott provides a walking tour of all your membership benefits and answer any questions you may have as you embark on your new lifestyle.

Weekly LIVE Q&A Sessions

Every Monday Barbara & Charlie McDermott come to you live via video for question and answer session. This is also when Barbara shares additional health insights and recommendations for specific health challenges like, diabetes, fibromyalgia, cholesterol, cancer, neurophathy, and other conditions.

Private Facebook - 24/7 Support

During your SHIFT Journey you are never alone. Our Facebook Private Page is just one of the resources you have available to get instant feedback, questions answered and direction.

50+ Handouts & Resources

We take improving your health very seriously. That's why we've created dozens of quick-reference resources. Save a ton of time trying to find answers on the Internet. And save lots of money on buying other courses and books.

100+ Delicious, Quick & EZ Recipes

As you will soon learn, you don't need recipes to quickly succeed. But, having over 100 ideas for so many delicious snacks and meals that you can whip up in a matter of a few minutes gives you wonderful peace of mind!

ZERO Dollars Cost Guarantee

We guarantee our program will not cost you a dime, regardless of which one you select. On average, our members save about $100 a month. We guarantee you will too. See below for all the details.

240 Page Manual - Shipped To Your Home

Get our full-color, 240-page Forget To Eat™ Manual shipped to your door! This is our program bible and includes our step-by-step instructions, resources and recipes. And we ship it Free!

Private Coaching Sessions

The Quickest, Most Convenient Path To Health Restoration is through private coaching direct from Barbara & Charlie McDermott. Private coaching is ideal for busy executives, kid and career juggling moms, retired individuals and everyone in between. Sessions are available 6-days a week, from early morning through evening hours, so regardless of your time zone, there's always a convenient time to meet.

Doctor Tested

If you have any concerns about safety, we actually have doctors enrolled and actively participating in our program. And because it’s 100% science... there’s nothing in our method that is dangerous or health compromising. In fact, it’s just the opposite… you learn how our method assists in allowing your body to heal. So everything you learn goes way beyond the benefit of weight loss.

How It Works...

The 1, 2, 3 EZ Lifestyle For Effortless,  Permanent Weight Loss & Reversal Of Insulin Resistance

SHIFT Formula - Step #1

Step #1: Get Your Customized Plan, With Personal Coaching & Accountability Tracking In The Palm Of Your Hand

You get a personalized plan based on YOU, your unique lifestyle and health goals. There’s no need for you to deprive yourself because your program is built on the foods you LOVE. And we show you how to eat STRATEGICALLY so your Cravings Disappear within hours of starting and your body begins using body fat for fuel.

Step #2 Follow Your Plan and Effortlessly Track Your Progress

It’s so easy to stay the course. Every morning your daily plan arrives just for you. Our App tracks your progress so you know immediately how to avoid veering off course. You’ll never drift too far so you’ll never lose your momentum.

SHIFT - The Support You Need To Quickly Reach Your Goals
Barbara McDermott - SHIFT Formula

Step #3: Reach Your Goals Easier and Faster Than Ever, Without Any Detours, With Daily Checkins

You’re never on your own. Now Barbara McDermott always has your back. Easily communicate direct to Barb whenever you need help or have a question.

About Our Zero Cost Guarantee...​

Through all the years of helping our clients with this method we’ve noticed a somewhat obvious benefit.

I say obvious because…

1.     When you Forget To Eat™, you eat less which means you buy fewer groceries.
2.     When your body begins to heal, your doctor reduces expensive medications.
3.     You save on supplements because you learn why they aren’t providing the nutritional value you thought.

So, we’ve found many of our members save hundreds of dollars a month.

SHIFT Zero Cost Guarantee

But we understand, like getting rid of your cravings, saving money on our method may sound a bit unbelievable.

And that’s why we guarantee your savings.

The full price of your enrollment is backed by our ZERO Dollars Cost Guarantee.

That Means The Forget To Eat™ Method Will Not Cost You a Dime.

In fact, we guarantee that by the end of the program, you will have more in savings than what you paid for the program.

If not, we pay the difference.

Who Is It For?

Anyone Seeking A Fast, Simple and Clear Path To Look & Feel Your Best

Weight Loss & Cravings

Anyone of any age who's struggled to lose weight longterm and wants a lifestyle that makes it all simpler. A life without incessant cravings... they disappear within 24-hours! A life without any need to diet, sacrifice or deprive yourself ever again.

SHIFT Formula | Reverse Diabetes Type 2, Pre-Diabetes and Insulin Resistance

Pre-Diabetic, Diabetic Type 2, Insulin Resistant or Hyperinsulinemic

Control blood sugar... immediately after starting. Naturally. Lower your A1C effortlessly while eating foods you love. And soon have your doctor reversing your diabetes or insulin resistance diagnoses.

SHIFT Formula | Arthritis Pain & Inflammation Relief

Chronic Pain: Fibromyalgia, Restless Leg Syndrome, Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Neuropathy, Joint & Tissue Inflammation

Pain and inflammation are an indication of a internal hormonal imbalance. You learn to make a small 'shift' so that your body naturally restores its hormonal balance that provides permanent pain relief within a few days.

SHIFT Formula | Reverse Heart Disease, Lower Cholesterol Naturally

Alzheimer’s, Cancer, and Heart Disease

Avoiding and/or improving upon these life altering conditions happens when your body is able to self-correct. Unfortunately for most individuals their body is overly preoccupied with the moment to moment burden of balancing out of whack blood sugar and hormones. (Even those not diagnosed with diabetes!) Once balance is restored, self-correction and healing occurs.

SHIFT Formula | For Physicians, Nutritionist, Dieticians & Personal Trainers

Physicians, Dieticians, Nutritionist and Fitness Trainers

Far too many professionals struggle with the same weight and diabetes related conditions as the general public. Or they realize that the advice they are giving... is simply not working for their patients and clients.

SHIFT Formula | Corporate Wellness

CEOs, Entrepreneurs & Corporate Wellness

Seeking heightened productivity, mood and a mental edge for you or your employees? One of the first benefits, within the first day of shifting, is the elimination of brain fog. Soon after, comes the surge of energy, enhanced endurance and better overall positive mood. It's the best investment in your business you could ever make.

Our Program Options...

Frequently asked questions

Once you choose one of the “Private Coach Session Plans” above, you’ll be taken to a secure order form to process your order. Within 10-minutes of placing your order you’ll receive an email with a link to schedule your first coaching session. 

You will not be passed on to a rental coach like other coaching programs. 

Your coaching sessions never expire. You can use them all within a few days or spread them out over a year or more.

If you’re not sure about which plan is best for you or if you’d like more information you can:

1.) Send an email to: support (at) theshiftformula.com

2.) Call: 888.477.4300

Private coaching sessions are 1-to-1 video conference of phone coaching meeting with Barbara McDermott. Private coaching sessions are 20-minutes in length and can be scheduled Monday – Saturday.

Group coaching sessions are conducted online and can be attended via video conference or phone. These small group sessions are facilitated by Barbara and held daily. Sessions are topic specific and allow ample time to answer any questions you may have or to offer customized advice.