3 Weight Loss Special Sauce Secrets

Weight Loss Secrets... Is There Really A Special Sauce To Weight Loss & Health Gain?

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When it comes to weight loss, we have a tendency to believe that there are weight loss secrets or a special sauce. Why do some people enjoy health and vitality while others… don’t?

Celebrity chefs, celebrity nutritionists, celebrity fitness folk all make it seem so difficult. Secrets are kept so that they can make money. 

Buy my cookbook! 

Buy my supplements! 

Buy my workouts!

Do you want to know my secret? 

My secret is knowing.


Knowing how it all works.

  • Those of us who know don’t buy cookbooks. 
  • We don’t buy powders and potions. 
  • And we don’t buy into the “ya gotta hustle!” hype.

When you know how the body responds to food you never, ever worry about your weight or health circumstance again.

And you certainly don’t need to waste your time searching for those ever elusive… weight loss secrets.

You see, knowing how it all works is an opportunity to apply right action.

Right action is action that is in harmony with universal principles.

Universal principles are science laws or truths. They are the physical laws that are non-breakable, non-changeable, non- negotiable. When it comes to health or weight we have lots of people running around (literally) attempting to ‘beat the system’, break the ‘bend the rules’. 

Frustrating thing is, they never win. 

Because biologic rules cannot be bent! 

But the world pats us on the back for trying. High Fives all around!  Or consoles us into giving up altogether.  How many of us have had someone tell us to just ‘Let it go” “You’ve tried so many times before what makes you think this time will be different?”  “I don’t want to see you defeated again”.  

They appear to have our best interest at heart. 

Do they?

Weight Loss Secrets & Special Sauce – Episode #11

Here’s the secret “they” don’t want you to discover.

There is a conspiracy to keep us overweight and overwhelmed. Overweight and overwhelmed sells a lot of product, which translates into personal gain in the pharmaceutical, fitness, medical, and nutrition industries. 

We’ve been warned, intimidated, even criticized into avoiding, if not eliminating altogether, the very foods that will lead us out of our troubles… 

  • Out of chronic weight gain. 
  • Out of chronic pain. 
  • Out of cravings. 
  • Out of diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

Weight Loss Secrets – #1

Dietary fat does not make a body fat.

Quite the contrary. Dietary fat fortifies (cell membranes, hormone production, memory formation, neurologic function, Vitamin D synthesis) satisfies (no more incessant thoughts about food) and energizes (long-lasting clean–burning energy). 

Those of us who know how to eat fat-focused go for hours…hours!……energized and not obsessing over foods, not craving, not worrying about our weight……ever. 

Those of us who know how to eat fat-focused age slower, are more productive, and possess an energized calm most of the world can’t imagine is even possible.

Weight Loss Secrets – #2

Carbohydrate makes a body fat.

Carbohydrate has been dubbed the Holy Grail of Health. Experts are quick to jump in here with…”we mean the good carbs of course, the complex carbs, of course, the nutrient dense carbs, of course.”  

Yes. Of course.  

However, these experts dish sweeping generalizations that are precisely what keep us overweight and overwhelmed……and buying into exercise, cookbooks, and supplements. 

Does anyone teach you WHY the sweeping generalizations never lead you out of trouble?

The WHY is in Secret #3.

Weight Loss Secrets – #3

Weight gain is hormonal.

Hint: Watch your insulin, not your calories.

There is one single hormone controlling your weight and influencing your speed of aging. 


When insulin level is up (and it will be after the experts’ whole grains, fruits and vegetables directive) your body fat is locked down. You’re never going to release body fat. 

Unless you bring insulin down. 

Here’s another secret: you’ll never bring insulin down sufficient enough for weight loss on a carbohydrate-focused diet…unless you eat a lot less, control portions, avoid desserts, and overall sacrifice and starve. 

  • Not cool. 
  • Not necessary. 
  • Not sustainable.

Insulin is apparent in your life by your waistline and by your timeline. The wider our waistline the more prevalent insulin is in our life. 

How about aging? 

Do you appear younger or older than your peers? Insulin. 

Any chronic pain or sugar cravings? Insulin.

Those who know insulin…..win.

Insulin is the secret to health and vitality.

And there is a special sauce….it’s made with butter and cream . How easy and please-y is that? 

It’s fat.

Those who know insulin act in harmony with universal principle.

Right action leads us out of the desert while action just keeps us walking in circles.

Had enough of walking in circles?

Life has one direction, forward.

Which way are you headed?

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