How Many Carbs Should I Eat a Day For Diabetes, Weight Loss or High Cholesterol?


It’s SMART (Diabetes & Weight Loss) Time! 

In this episode we tackle the carbohydrate (Carb) question of… “How many carbs should I eat a day for diabetes, weight loss, or high cholesterol?”

Or better stated…

“At what point are too many carbs counterproductive to health goals?”

And we answered that and many other great questions including:

5:20 – Does chewing gum in the morning impact my blood sugar?

11:19 – My husband has been recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol, can you give me some clarity on how to help him?

29:58 – My wife has been overweight since childhood. Now she is sick all the time. Do you think an insulin suppression lifestyle would help my wife strengthen her immune system, lose weight and avoid diabetes?

 So if you’re trying to get clarity on, “How many carbs should I eat a day for diabetes, weight loss, or high cholesterol?”, or answers to other health gain questions attend a future SMART Time! session. Follow the instructions below to attend:

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Resources Mentioned & More That Will Help You Regain Health & Vitality… Pleasantly

1.) SMART Diabetes & Weight Loss Facebook Group – Come Join Us Here

We created a free Facebook group just for you if you want to…

  • Reverse Insulin Resistance
  • Improve A1C and Blood Sugar
  • Lose Weight Without Pills, Powders, Potions, Products or Exercise
  • Eliminate Cravings
  • Start Feeling Better… Immediately

We do it with SMARTS. (Not with hard work, deprivation or willpower.) This is a place to ask questions, gain inspiration, support each other and to GET SMART about healing.

 2.) (Free Resource) Sweet Tooth Tactics Action Plan – Free Download

If sweets call to you more than you’d like, we have the perfect antidote. Use this free guide and action plan to crush your cravings before they crush you.  It includes 6 Craving Crushing (Delicious) Snacks that take seconds to prepare. 

3.) SHIFT Insider Membership Resource – Learn More 

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