How To Eat Healthy | Healthy Eating To Save The Planet & Your Health

Why Is Healthy Eating Damaging Our Health & Our Planet?

Aren’t you tired of being told, “How To Eat Healthy”?

Why is it, after all the emphasis on vegetables, fruits and whole grains, that we are sicker today as a society than we’ve ever been?

Sure we live longer.

But at what cost?

As our years on this planet continue to be extended by the miracle of modern medicine, the quality of our life deteriorates with every new, life saving drug we take.

And now the latest healthy eating battle cry, complete with agenda driven, short-sighted research is, “SAVE The Planet by Eating Healthy Foods”.

Okay, you had me at “Save The Planet”. 

And I’ve got to admit, tying in the “By Eating Healthy Foods” angle makes for a very catchy headline.

 However, as the saying goes, “The devil is in the details”.

And this devil comes dressed in very earth friendly clothing.

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Let me start with a WARNING. 

This is not for everyone. In fact, many watching, listening or reading this will get a little irritated. And that’s okay. 

When it comes to the topic of “How To Eat Healthy”, I want to challenge you to think outside of what you’ve been told.

Outside of the old box.

We’re being told by the media that in order to save the planet, we should adopt a plants based diet.

There’s a new study funded by The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation on diet and world health. And there are so many points in there that just irritated the daylights out me, because we’re again being misdirected, and being told half-truths. 

And following the plant-based diet directives covered in the study, sets us up for a life of health devastation and further damage to the planet because of over eating.

How To Save The Planet & Your Health At The Same Time

So what I want to talk about today is how to save the planet and your health at the same time. It’s not a message you’re hearing these days. 

Now we could get into conspiracy theories all day long. The pharmaceutical industry, the food industry, the health & wellness industry, and more.

But we can’t deny there’s a lot of money to be made in keeping us sick. 

And being told how to eat healthy by the same groups who have a vested interest in keeping us sick is an obvious conflict of interest.

Even the fact that Bill Gates, an investor in the Vegan Meat Industry funds the diet and world health study that recommends people eating more vegan like, can raise eyebrows.

But let’s not go too global because this episode is all about you. It’s all about your health. And I’m here to help and guide you with that.

My name’s Charlie McDermott, my company is SHIFT Formula. 

You probably see Barbara, my wife, who is the founder of the company more so than me, but lately I’ve gotten to a point where… I’ve had it. 

What’s this all about… save the planet, how?

 Global warming is such a hot topic. And with it comes more and more reports on eating healthy foods that don’t harm the planet and increase global warming. 

Their definition of healthy eating is, eating a diet primarily made up of fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

It’s a plants based diet that they claim will do significantly less damage to our environment than one the includes meat.

Now, know that we’re not about not eating certain foods. Do we eat plants? An occasional piece of fruit? Sure.

How To Eat Healthy Starts With KNOWING, Not Deprivation

Barbara McDermott has a saying, “No food’s off limits. Just know foods limits.”

That means there’s nothing off the table. There’s no depriving ourselves of the foods we love. Once we start depriving ourselves, eating healthy become a losing game of discipline, willpower and misery.

But when you understand the impact of healthy eating the right way, where you are fat-focused rather than nutrient-focused, rather than plants-based or fruit-focused or whole grain-focused, you can then make the best “how to eat healthy” food choices for your health.

The How To Eat Healthy Key Is Knowing How Foods Interact With Your Body. 

When you eat vegetables, when you eat fruits, when you eat whole grains, do you know what happens to those foods when they are inside your body?

Your body doesn’t care how those foods come in. All that matters is how they’re metabolized. 

This is not to say fruits are bad. This is not to say vegetables are bad. This is just simply about knowing. So, when we read these reports about saving the planet by eating more fruits, vegetables and whole grains, what we’re being told is to eat in a way that adds more sugar into our bodies.

And for those of you who are SHIFTers, you know what happens when we have too much sugar in our body. Those of you who are pre-diabetic or diabetic, you know what happens when there’s too much sugar in our body. 

Obviously, a diet that dumps excess sugar into our body is not the answer to “how to eat healthy?”.

Again, this is not to say that eating too many fruits or vegetables is bad or good. It’s about KNOWING… the truth. Then you can make the best “how to eat healthy” decision for YOU. 

The fact that there are so many individuals struggling with health challenges, going out of their way to eat certain so-called healthy foods that we’ve been told have “healthy eating benefits”, is a crime.

And it’s these flawed reports that only cover up and compound the problem. The consumer loses, while big business sets another annual sales record.

Billions upon billions upon billions of dollars are spent annually on health foods, pills, powders, potions, and… medications that aren’t necessary.

Think about cholesterol. Is there a more confusing topic in medicine?

For the consumer, yes.

For big pharma and the medical community… NO.

According to Statin Nation, the cholesterol lowering industry now worth over $19 billion is projected to be worth $24.4 billion by 2020.

What incentive is there for anyone connected to the cholesterol industry to tell consumers…

“Sorry, we were wrong about cholesterol. We now know that cholesterol doesn’t cause heart disease. Oh, and (Throat clearing pause), when you take statins it starves the brain of an important nutrient and sets you on a path towards Alzheimer’s. But don’t worry, we’ll soon have a new Alzheimer’s drug guaranteed to extend the misery of living with Alzheimer’s by another 1 – 5 years.”

By keeping consumers confused, in the dark and fearful, more product is sold.

Certainly the cholesterol lowering drug, statin is a great example.

There’s no money in telling the consumer that their body is an AWESOME healing machine, and that it will do its job of healing, if we just reduce the burden.

The burden?

Too much insulin. A big part of that burden is the result of being fooled into believing the “How to eat healthy” directives. Healthy eating is not what we’re being told it is.

It’s going to help you get healthier. It’s going to help you get out of health chaos. 

We Save The Planet By Eating In A Way That Requires Less Eating & Less Insulin… Because We’re Not Hungry

So, we save the planet, we save your health, by not eating so damn much. It really is as simple as that. When you are not hungry most of the day, like many of us who understand food and how to eat fat-focused so that we suppress insulin, you just aren’t hungry most of the day.

Right now it’s 10:50 a.m. on a Friday morning. So far today, I haven’t even thought about food. I haven’t thought about food since dinner last night. And I won’t think about food until well into the midday, early afternoon, maybe mid-afternoon. In fact it’s quite possible I won’t be hungry until this evening. 

I’m also not craving.

It’s not because I’m starving myself, or because I’m part of the lucky DNA club where I’m just not hungry. 

No, I’ve had my share of demon food cravings years ago. Back then I was following the flawed, “healthy eating” directives… a plants based diet – fruits, plants, whole grains. And along with that way of “healthy eating”, I had associated health challenges.

For 23 years, Barbara and I owned a chain of health clubs in the Philadelphia, PA area. For a number of those years, we followed a vegetarian diet. And I remember being hungry…. A LOT.

Now this is not to point out that following a certain diet or food belief is wrong. That’s not the point. We have many SHIFTers who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet. The difference is, they now understand how to eat in a way that doesn’t put their health in jeopardy. 

So I’m not here to nay say certain diets or certain food beliefs, I’m here to help you understand, and help to give you the REAL knowledge on “How To Eat Healthy”.

Instead of blindly following the media soundbites or even the generalized recommendations we get from the medical community,  “Eat more fruits and vegetables”, we need to know how food, regardless of what we’ve been told in the past, comes down to three macronutrients…

1.)  Fat

2.)  Protein

3.)  Carbohydrate

Of the three macronutrients, do you know which one we do not need to survive?

#3 – Carbohydrate

But, without fat and protein, we die.

What are plants, fruits and whole grains?

#3 – Carbohydrate

A New Way Of Looking At Healthy Eating

Plants, fruits, whole grains, are going to add more sugar into your body. We save the planet not by eating more fruits and vegetables. I know that’s contrary to what we’ve been told, and what we will be told going forward. 

Because what happens when we eat fruits, vegetables, and whole grains is, we need more food to sustain us. It’s a recipe for more cravings. It causes rollercoaster blood sugar swings. And it leads us down the path of disease, health chaos and diminish quality of life.

Now, obviously you’re way better off loading up on fruits, plants and whole grains rather than  eating Twinkies and junk food all day long. 

But by following the recommendation of the “Save The Earth By Eating Plants” crowd. You are going to be HUNGRY.

You’re going to CRAVE.

You’re going to EAT MORE.

And if you add meat to your diet, these individuals are quick to recommend that you should limit your meat consumption and make sure the meat you choose is lean.

That does very little to reduce hunger and cravings.

Oh those elderly Wendy’s ladies from the 1980’s had it right all along…

Yes, where is the beef?

Or better stated, “Where Is The Craving Eliminating, Hunger Blocking, Deliciously, Satisfying Fat?”

The New Healthy Eating Benefits & How To Eat Healthy On A Budget

Food lacking fat is a recipe for never-ending cravings and always being hungry. 

We can all relate to having a big meal that’s low in fat, and then an hour later, we’re craving something sweet or we’re hungry again. And we ride that carvings and hunger rollercoaster day after miserable day.

Eat breakfast..

Then a mid-morning snack…

Then lunch… and minutes later feeling ready for a nap (that’s blood sugar spiking and crashing.)…

Then a mid-afternoon snack…

Then dinner…

Then dessert…

Then a before bedtime snack.

Maybe a midnight snack??

This doesn’t sound very health or planet friendly to me.

To avoid some of this eating madness and the ensuing weight gain from it, we try to will-power our way through the day. 

Ignore the cravings.

Distract yourself from the hunger pangs.

It’s not a fun way to live. 

How about this? How about waking up not hungry? 

Imagine getting to lunchtime and telling your friends, your coworkers, or family, “Hey, I’m not hungry. I’m not going to eat just because the clock says I’m supposed to eat. I’m going to eat when my body tells me I need fuel.”

Imagine a life where food is no longer your all consuming, daily mission. There’s no need to figure out what to eat, or how to control cravings when you’re not hungry. 

And that means, you won’t need or want three meals a day, plus snacks in between, like those who have a “Save the Planet by Eating Plants” mindset.

They have good intentions, but they’re hungry all the time. They’re craving all the time. 

We understand that their body chemistry is set up in a way, even though they’re eating a mostly plants based diet, their body doesn’t care.

Sugar is sugar is sugar.

The carbohydrates in fruits, plants, and whole grains are all metabolized as sugar. That’s a short-lasting fuel. That means the moment it’s eaten, it’s going to get used as fuel. Or if it goes un-used, it’ll get stored as body fat.

And soon after, minutes to an hour or two later, your body’s going to be demanding more what? More sugar. And oftentimes, that comes in cravings for sugary and fried foods.

It’s Healthy Eating On A Budget!

We save the planet, your health and your grocery budget by deliciously eating less. One-third less.

By continuing to follow the eat plants, fruits and whole grains directives, we’re going to eat a minimum of three meals a day, plus snacks.  

And I know a lot of us are eating more than three meals a day. 

But when we aren’t hungry most of the day, we eat just one meal. 

Three meals a day versus one meal a day. That’s one third the amount of money you’re spending in groceries. That gives you two thirds more money. And you can use some of those funds to save the planet if you want.

Go buy a bike. 

You also save a lot of time, right? Think about the time it takes to prepare three meals a day. Or if you eat out, there’s travel time, time spent waiting to be served and eating the meal.

I did the math, and estimated I save an hour and 45 minutes a day! Now I’m a slow eater. Maybe you eat faster. Maybe you’d only save a half an hour a day. Well, over the course of a year, that adds up to 182 hours saved. That’s 7.58 days!

Back To How To Save The Planet

So when we know how to eat healthy by eating enough fat and limiting carbohydrates it helps us save the planet. Because when we just aren’t hungry most of the day, we’re not eating most of the day. We’re eating one third the amount of food. And guess what? That means we need two-thirds less food. Two thirds less worldwide.

 Would there be starvation on the planet if we all ate one meal a day? 

Would there be less pollution with two-thirds less food production?

Learn More About How To Eat Healthy So You’re Not Hungry Most Of The Day

Your body is a wonderful, wonderful healing machine. It will let you know when it needs fuel. If it’s not hungry? Don’t feed it. Don’t pull up to the gas station with a full tank of gas and try to force feed gasoline into your car. That’s a dangerous scenario. 

And so is overburdening your body with fuel.

The Healthy Eating Benefits Of Breakfast Scam

One of the biggest nutrition scams, with associated flawed studies to support it is…

This slogan was created by John Harvey Kellogg and James Caleb Jackson who invented cereal. 

And it’s this slogan that plays out in our heads daily because it’s been reinforced in us by our mothers, teachers and Saturday morning commercials as a kid. 

We have a whole grocery store isle devoted to cereal.

And everyday countless individuals force themselves to eat breakfast because of that one marketing slogan.

Those individuals, by eating when their body doesn’t require fuel, are setting themselves up for more hunger, and cravings throughout the day. They’re also taking their body out of a natural fasting state that provides them a whole bonanza of health benefits.

So to avoid being confused and misled by all the misinformation out there today, you need to take matters into your own hands. Forget all the directives and well-meaning advice.

Simply look at food… all foods, vegetables, fruits, whole grains, organic, locally grown, etc., and ask yourself, “How will this food impact insulin?”

When you look at food through the lens of insulin suppression, you can strip away food beliefs and prejudices, nutritional misconceptions, corporate shenanigans, and medical incompetence. 

You will simply KNOW beyond a shadow of doubt, How To Eat Healthy.

Learn More About Seeing Food Through The Lens Of Insulin Suppression:

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