Sweet Tooth Tactics

Get Sweet Smarts Using These Sweet Tooth Tactics To Nip Craving In The Bud

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Sweet Smarts

 Sweets can smart.

And they can leave us feeling……




“I need to get rid of my sweet tooth!”  (If only I were stronger.)

“Sugar is always on my mind.” (I’m plagued by incessant thoughts of sweets)

“I literally can’t stop myself from eating sweets.” (It’s a family curse)

“My sweet tooth owns me. ”  (My ‘lack of control’ humiliates me.)

Some of us experience anger. 

For others it’s defeat. 

Some never-ending frustration while for others it’s full-blown resignation. 

“This is just how life is working out for me.”


Sugar is strong. 

Read that again. 


Does that imply that we are weak?

You see, the human body, you and I, we’re wired to crave sugar. 

 It’s not a weakness it’s a wiring!

Get Sweet Smart With These Sweet Tooth Tactics – Episode #10

We experience internal reward hits of feel-good neurotransmitters like dopamine when we dip into the sugar. It’s part of our built-in survival reinforcement mechanism. 

“You may need to flee a woolly mammoth at any moment so gather all available quick release fuel in the immediate area!” 

This wired emotional and mental response is further compounded by the physical ‘sugar high, insulin release, sugar low’ so ‘get more sugar now’ response aka blood sugar rollercoaster. 

Yes. It’s a lousy ride. 

Sugar, the simplest, at-the-ready fuel exerts a powerful influence over us. 

However, we are only at a disadvantage when we attempt hand-to-hand combat. Strong adversaries demand that we work smarter not harder. And one of the smartest tactics is to …..


Have you ever tried to win at a game where you didn’t know the rules? Pretty stupid, huh? How can we win at something that we don’t even know anything about? This is exactly where you might be if you’re feeling crushed by cravings for sweets. I know. I had been there once, too.

Sugar may be strong, but you are smart. 

Sweet Smarts

The way to crush a sweet tooth is not so much about less sugar or artificial sugar or alternative sugar or, no sugar. Good Grief! Will power is a quickly depleted resource. It runs out fast. And it leaves us in the endless cycle of blame and shame. 

Not knowing the rules, we end up defeated. 

SHIFT always works with the rules and is never about elimination. The body is constructed to become addicted to simple fuel, carbohydrate. We shift to the alternative and superior fuel, fat. We crush a sweet tooth by disarming it.  And we disarm it simply by displacing it. 

The sure way to nudge that sweet hankering out is by allowing fat in. Fat is filled with flavor. Fat fills us up. Fat calms and crushes carbohydrate addiction. 

A sweet tooth appears to be about sugar, but in full perspective it’s really about carbohydrate. 

Fat is the Antidote.

 Sweet Tooth Tactics are fat focused mini-feedings. Just enough sweet (carbohydrate) to address the craving but with a higher proportion of fat with some protein to satisfy, downgrade dopamine, and keep blood sugar steady. 

These are powerful actions that directly play to resolve a sweet tooth rather than rally it. They are more fat and protein than carbohydrate. (Or, viewed another way, they are less carbohydrate than fat and protein.)  Therein lies the proportioning or shifting. SHIFT from preferentially relying on carbohydrate (sugar) to relying on fat (Filling! Flavorful! Fortifying!).

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