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End Eating Guilt with Bookending

End Eating Guilt With Bookending

If you grew up Catholic like I did,  you may be familiar with guilt. But eating guilt? Even the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle has her list of guilty pleasure foods. Through the years, especially if we’re battling weight gain or health decline, food guilt can steal enjoyment from life.  Special events, holidays or just […]

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Best Way To Intermittent Fast

Best Way To Intermittent Fast | Free Fasting Guide

Here’s What You Will Learn About The #1 Best Way To Intermittent Fast: 1.)  Video Seminar: The Easiest & Best Way To Intermittent Fast 2.)  Download The FREE Intermittent Fasting Blueprint Guide 3.)  Read The Seminar Transcript 4.)  Are You Battling Metabolic Syndrome? 5.)  Who Is Barbara McDermott? 6.)  Why You Can Forget Behavior Change […]

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