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Welcome. I am Barbara McDermott, founder of Shift Formula. 

Shift Formula is the outcome of my search for a solution for our daughter. Our daughter was 16 years old in 2008 when she was diagnosed with type one diabetes. An autoimmune disease. 

Her ability to maintain who she had been prior to her diagnosis was gone. She developed incessant intrusive thoughts of food. The kind of food cravings where she just couldn’t control her eating. She was trapped in that situation where all around her, socially, friends and family were enjoying meals and food without a thought. I call it the “CEC”, the Carefree Eater’s Club. 

When everything food related is working out for others, but not for you. You have been kicked out of the Carefree Eaters Club. You don’t know you’re even in the club until you’re not. My daughter, with tears in her eyes, at the end of her rope, she told me, “Mom, I wish I never had to eat again.” And she meant it.  Do you ever feel that way?

One of my SHIFT clients recently spoke those exact same words to me. 

Are You Battling Metabolic Syndrome?

My empathy is deep for anyone who battles, struggles, has any kind of fight with food or food related conditions. By Food-Related Conditions I mean metabolic syndrome, all the related lousy spanning from fibromyalgia to heart disease, cancer, obesity, insulin resistance, chronic pain, and Alzheimer’s which is being referred to as type three diabetes. 

And of course diabetes type 2. 

All of these are interrelated and they all have a common thread… insulin. 

Becoming Insulin Intelligent

In the SHIFT Community, we talk about being Insulin Intelligent and Glucose Aware.   Tonight we’re going to look specifically at one action that insulin intelligent folk engage in and that is intermittent fasting.

Now, if someone had suggested Intermittent Fasting to me before I knew a thing or two about insulin, I would have strongly pushed back. I was a ‘Grazer’. I had developed the habit of eating about every two hours. 

Now, to be clear, my grazing had been on organic plant-based kind of foods, but I was eating quite often throughout the day. And eating in the middle of the night was a routine when sleep was hard to come by. 

The idea of intermittent fasting sounded painful. But now I know how to make intermittent fasting just happen naturally. And it has nothing to do with sacrifice or deprivation or changing your behavior.

Who Is Barbara McDermott

But before we get into how to make intermittent easy and hunger-free, allow me to share my broader health and wellness experience with you. 

I’m a certified group fitness instructor. My husband and I owned and operated a chain of health clubs just outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We  sold our interest and now focus our efforts on SHIFT Formula full time. 

We’ve Been Following Flawed Advice From The Fitness & Nutrition World 

We help individuals rise up out of health chaos. Restoring them to who they were meant to be and to achieving their full potential. We know how demeaning and misleading the “just get some exercise and eat healthy” cop out advice is. 

What the majority of our population doesn’t understand is that nutrition is a sub-category. To regain health or to stay robust and full of energy, metabolic principles rule. 

Since Exercise Isn’t Cutting It, Now We’re Being Told It’s Our Behavior… What!??

And because all the exercise and healthy eating is NOT making any significant difference in the compromised populations, the latest industry trend for group fitness instructors is to become a certified Behavior Change Specialist. 

Leading you in exercise ain’t cutting it. Instructors will be teaching you ‘behaviors’ such as putting your fork down between bites. Placing your hands on your stomach to assess whether you are 1/3 full or 2/3 full. Or chiding you to ‘keep your hands busy’ so you avoid eating. 

Yes. Nutrition and Behavior Change are the two trending buzzwords.

Instead Of Behavior Change, Why Not Teach Us How To Forget To Eat?

Here is where I stand: None of us would need to ‘change our behavior around food” if we’d just forget to eat more often. 

How freeing would that be? When was the last time you forgot to eat?

Forgetting to eat is exactly what it sounds like. Your body is no longer signaling you with urges, cravings, and thoughts of food.

How to lose fat fast

Hunger Is Silenced!

In fact, your body is so satisfied, full, or amply fueled that your hunger mechanism is silent. Silent! With cravings cancelled and appetite silenced you literally forget to eat. And when you finally are hungry again, you know which delicious and satisfying foods keep you in the ‘forget to eat’ zone. 

Forgetting to eat doesn’t mean you never eat or avoid eating. You just eat far less often because food cravings disappear and they are significantly longer stretches between being hungry.

It is freedom. It is power. It is calm. Along with a heaping helping of the stress and anxiety crusher, certainty.

Listen To: “How To Forget To Eat”

The Painful Road To Certainty

A decade ago, I was drowning in uncertainty. As my daughter stood in front of me with tears rolling down her cheeks, I had no solution. 


I had no idea what to do. I felt scared, frustrated and totally inadequate to be of any useful good to her. It was a place of powerlessness. And for a mother aching to relieve her child’s suffering, it was a form of purgatory. 

Whenever we find ourselves trapped with no visible means of escape the best course of action is to take some form of action. And that’s what we did.  We began implementing every ‘weight loss/health directive’ known at the time. We tried the pH balanced miracle diet. We tried of course the organic whole plant food based, you know that whole foods protocol, the no processed foods, and the green drinking.

Oh, we did our green drinks. Yes, we tried all of them including wheat grass shots. Nothing worked. 

We didn’t have the answer but, we did discover the multitude of actions that didn’t work. With methodical process of elimination, we discovered that health and sanity are impacted far more by hormones than by nutrition. 

Our bias and beliefs about “food being medicine” were uprooted. And once we understood the power of hormones we were able to ‘cast a spell’ on ourselves. We set up our hormonal environment to work for us rather than against us and voila! 

My daughter was released, feeling free from the grip of food for the first times in 7 years. How freeing would that feel to you? To be released? Be released from the control of food, going for hours, not thinking about what meal is coming next. 

Having not only energy to spare, but actually brain power to spare. Mental energy that can be put on tasks and productivity rather than figuring out what the next food fix is going to be. 

This Release ‘Spell’ Requires Understanding One Hormone… Insulin.

When we understand how to manipulate, manage, curtail, suppress our body’s release of insulin, we gain this freedom. 

I know! Thanks for sharing that, Ernest!  (Ernest commented agreement.) There are a bunch of SHIFT Insiders on this webinar backing up this gospel truth. Yes! 

In the SHIFT Community we just forget to eat because the cravings are crushed almost instantaneously. 

Think about this. Would there be anybody in the world today struggling with weight and food-related conditions if we didn’t have cravings? 

Hell no, right? No way.

It’s the cravings that had unraveled my daughter. It’s the cravings that might be unraveling you. It’s the cravings that had unraveled our Shift Insiders. 

Certainly we eat when we are hungry, but we just don’t crave anymore. There’s a monumental difference between cravings and hunger. Once your cravings are crushed, hunger naturally regulates. You literally go for hours without thinking about food.

That Is Freedom. That IS NOT Behavior Change. 

That’s understanding your body metabolically. Not nutritionally. 

There’s a big difference. 

Nutrition is vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and micronutrients. Is there value in nutrition? Yes. But nutrition is a sub-category. 

Metabolic and endocrine-related pathways control your health fate. Eating enough organic blueberries and plant-based protein will only take you so far. Understanding insulin is key.

So, this is the enticement. You, too can be like me, and our Shift Insiders. You can be like my daughter. She rid herself of the extra 40 pounds she had been carrying due to the cravings and directives that trapped her in nutrition’s web of chaos. 

Six years and counting, weight gain has not been an issue or concern. That’s because hunger is regulated. Cravings are cancelled.

Fasting Made Easy & Hunger-Free

Okay. So let’s get into the nuts and bolts of intermittent fasting. To start make sure you download the Free Intermittent Fasting Guide

It’s critical that you know the ‘what’ and the ’why’ of intermittent fasting before you can understand the ‘how’. So let’s start there. 

And we will address the ‘how-to’ at the end. 

The History Of Intermittent Fasting

Historically, fasting was used for spiritual pursuits or vision quests. People seeking connection with their higher power source would retreat from community for a period of time and exist in contemplation forgoing any food.  

Fasting was also used to treat illness. 

Yes. Many a nutrition-minded health coach will postulate Hippocrate’s “Let food be thy medicine.” They use this mantra as validation for their prescribed nutritional pursuit. But many dietary directives fail to acknowledge the compromising impact that comes along with the nutritional chase. 

What often goes unmentioned is  the part about “First, do no harm.”  Even nutritionally dense foods do harm.  Some of the most revered foods come with a boatload of insulin-stimulating glucose. 

Fasting, the comfortable ‘not hungry’ version when a person is fueling on their own body fat stores, may be the ultimate health action afterall. 

First do no harm rings true as fasting has shown time and again to be a powerful antidote to illness. Is it any wonder we lose our appetite when we’re sick? The body is far more intelligent that we are.

Fasting technically means not eating for a period of time. Intermittent fasting means fasting for spans of time in a regular pattern. 

Our ancestors lives were all about intermittent fasting. Hunting and gathering efforts resulted in periods of feasting with famine periods occurring regularly.

Feasting and fasting were naturally balanced.

Fast forward to the industrial and agricultural revolutions. Now food is plentiful and at-the-ready. However, our great grandparents with easier access to food, still fasted every day. Lives were more regulated by daylight. Incomes kept food purchases thrifty. Convenience stores and quick restaurants weren’t an option. This generation still maintained the natural fasting that should occur from dinner through to the first meal of the next day. 

Break The Fast

The first meal of the next day breaks the fast that occurred as they slept through the night. Hence the term ‘breakfast’.

And their sleep was most likely longer than what most of us get. Television and computers and 24-7 industries weren’t a ‘thing’ yet. People went to bed earlier. Naturally ate less often.  Ate less processed, high carbohydrate food because they weren’t available and had far more hours between meals. 

THAT is the winning ticket.

Knowing that the human body performs optimally when it has regular daily periods of NOT eating, we can choose how to create those periods for ourselves. Today’s food-focused hype and hoopla environment certainly makes it challenging. 

And do you think your great grandparents suffered from the insidious cravings that you do? I think probably not. Because their food choices and eating routine didn’t come close to what you’re exposed to every day. 

You are inundated and encouraged to eat insulin-stimulating foods as many as six times a day. It’s madness.

Intermittent Fasting & It’s Impact On Insulin

Fasting, however we establish it; vision questing, spiritual pursuit, warrior ritual, prisoner of war, 1940s farmer, metabolic cancer therapy, etc…..each version of fasting establishes the exact same biological variable. Insulin level drops way down.

Why Would Insulin Levels Drop Way Down Low When We’re Fasting? 

Insulin is secreted in response to one stimulus. And you know what it is, don’t you? Blood sugar.  

The majority of the foods we eat quickly become sugar in our bloodstream. As soon as those foods go in our mouth and down into the stomach, digestion begins breaking them down into their basic fundamental building blocks. 

 Any fat coming in breaks down to fatty acids. Proteins break down to amino acids. And every carbohydrate, including all fruits, vegetables, and grains on the planet along with just about every processed food out there is a carbohydrate. All of that, ALL carbohydrate breaks down into glucose


That’s why Shift Insider’s talk about being glucose aware. When you are glucose aware, you understand clearly that there’s no food off limits. 

Both sanity and health are restored when you understand how food can support or limit your body’s ability to achieve its desired outcome. And insulin is the kingpin. Input directly creates output.

Insulin will rise in proportion to blood sugar. The more carbohydrate in the meal, the higher the insulin rise. The lower the carbohydrate in our meal, the lower the insulin rise. Insulin is responsible for lowering your blood sugar by initiating its movement from the bloodstream into cells. 

How Does The Blood Sugar ‘Disappear’?

When I was not yet insulin intelligent I had the vague notion that somehow insulin cancelled out the sugar in the blood or deleted it or somehow absorbed it. 

The sugar in your blood will only “disappear” if your cells are demanding fuel at the time of eating. The sugar, thanks to insulin’s shuttling action, will be used by cells to generate energy. To be clear, insulin is our blood sugar lowering hormone only because it opens the cells of our body and allows the sugar to move from the bloodstream into the cells to be used for energy.

How Body Fat Gets Locked Down When Insulin Is Around

But, insulin is also our fat storage hormone. 

Now it gets interesting, doesn’t it? Exercising? Watching what you eat? And you still can’t lose weight? 

What’s with the excess baggage we’re carrying around our middle? 

That was my daughter. Good grief. Talk about punishment. Self-loathing, the blame and shame game, the wagging fingers of the nutritionists and the dietitians and some of the doctors out there. Are you getting enough exercise? Are you watching what you eat? You’re counting your calories, correctly? 

They tell you, you’ve got to use portion control. 

Did they ever tell you that you gotta get your insulin down?  Why?  Because when insulin levels are elevated, your body is in fat accumulation and fat storage mode. Not cool. 

Watch: The #1 ONLY Thing That Matters For Weight Loss

Insulin Disables Fat Burning

So, you may unknowingly be completely unable to access the fuel you’re carrying (body fat). Insulin ensures your body fat is in lockdown.

When insulin levels are elevated, you are unable to tap into your stored body fuel, fat. It’s also important to realize that the sugar from the foods  we’re told to eat more of, such as fruits and whole grains, generate a whole lot of blood sugar. 

That’s a whole lot of glucose (fuel) and insulin (growth hormone) our body could handle when we were 12 years old and in ‘move and grow’ mode. But, if you’re like me, 57  years old and slowing down, and certainly not growing any more, your body doesn’t need that much energy. 

We are over fueling and not even realizing it. 

Your cells have a limited glucose capacity. If they have enough fuel sugar, they become resistant to insulin’s signal. 

Isn’t that interesting? Our body has a built in protection mechanism against sugar, glucose. To compensate for cells poor response to insulin our body starts producing more insulin. 

More insulin equals more fat storage, and more fat lock down. Which leads us to the conversion part of the glucose-insulin program.

Insulin ensures that any sugar in the blood not utilized for immediate energy demand ends up in adipose tissue. And the adipose tissue cells around our middles are especially sensitive to insulin. 

We say waist weight is mostly carbohydrate brought to you by insulin. That’s why an expanding waistline is sometimes called the insulin belt.

How To Lose Fat Fasting

Our Body Has Very Limited Ability To Store Glucose (Sugar) But, LIMITLESS Ability To Store Fat

Recall from science class that energy can neither be created or destroyed. It can only change form.  Our body has very limited glucose storage, but limitless fat storage. 

Some glucose gets stored in our muscles and liver. Glucose is stored as glycogen and ensures quick accessible energy for muscles and brain. The liver’s glycogen reservoir is preferentially used for baseline brain energy and for remedying a blood sugar deficit or stress response.  

Finally, excess sugar moved out of the bloodstream by insulin ends up being dispersed throughout the body. 

Think about it. Sugar is corrosive and rough, right? So our body attempts to dilute or diffuse it. Distributed all over the body, sticky molecules of glucose adhere to proteins. Think delicate nerves, connective tissue, brain cells. This is how we develop joint inflammation and pain. The corrupted proteins are called AGEs (advanced glycated end products). 

That’s basic aging. Bodies able to burn fat age slower than bodies locked into burning sugar.

Only When You Get Insulin Down Can Fat Burning Happen 

If Insulin levels are elevated, you are stuck burning only sugar. This is why sugar-burners tend to experience muscle wasting. If the body is trapped in sugar-burning and runs low on blood glucose, protein will be converted to sugar. 

Fat Burners Conserve Muscle

Gluconeogenesis is the creation of new sugar from protein. This is why it’s called muscle wasting. 

Fat burners don’t muscle waste because burning fat means their fuel supply is virtually limitless, plus fat burning is long, steady fuel. 

Sugar burners, on the other hand, are quite at risk for muscle wasting. Burning sugar means brief bursts of energy and supply is very limited. This is why your body will make more of it. The body makes its own supply of glucose as needed. And it will make more glucose for you from your muscles. Not cool. 

Being stuck in sugar-burning is all about cravings, energy crashes, muscle wasting, and despite effort, not being able to use up excess body fat, thereby losing weight. 

However, when you get insulin low, body fat burning is a Go!  This is what we call ‘dining in’. That’s what I can dine on… my body (fat) fuel.

This is why it’s so powerful to get insulin down. And intermittent fasting is one of the fastest ways to get insulin down.

Does Body Fat Melt?

Have you ever been misled to believe that certain foods could ‘melt’ your body fat? 

It’s critical that you realize that no one can lose weight. You’ve got to be able to USE your weight. Be able to use up your body fat. THAT’s what SHIFT is all about. Enabling body fat use at will. When you begin shifting, weight loss, believe it or not, becomes secondary. It happens as a matter of course.

Let’s Look Briefly At All The Other Benefits That Occur When Your Body Chemistry SHIFTs From Sugar Burning To Body Fat Burning

  • Being Cravings Free

    Hallelujah. That's freedom right there, right? Your blood sugar rise, insulin release, blood sugar drop and the cravings this cycle generates is a thing of your past. Over. Done.

  • Autophagy: The Human Body's Built In Cellular Cleansing System Is Activated

    Now the world may announce that they are doing a juicing cleanse or on a green drink detox. But they may not know that their body naturally cleanses and detoxes when we allow it to. Drinking carbohydrates turns autophagy off because the juice stimulates insulin. Autophagy only occurs when insulin drops way down low. So for cell renewal, cleansing and detoxing, you don't need juices to do that. Your own body does it for you.

  • HGH: Human Growth Hormone Production Increases

    Autophagy means “self-consumption” and your body basically ‘consumes’ poorly functioning cell parts. Faulty parts need replacing. And this is why the Human Growth Hormone is so important. It supports the generation of new parts.

  • Apoptosis Optimized: Rogue Cell Self-Destruction Is Enhanced (Anti-Cancer Mechanism)

    Why would we want cellular death to occur? When cells behave erratically. When cells are in unchecked growth mode. We know that condition as cancer. Apoptosis is our body’s built-in anti-cancer mechanism. And it is only fully functioning when the body is in a state of fasting. Not only does fasting severely restrict a cancer cells readily available fuel source, glucose, but fasting serves to thwart cancer’s development in the first place by supporting the internal conditions that are conducive to apoptosis.

  • BDNF Increases: Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor Acts Like Miracle Grow For Your Brain

    Anyone wishing to avoid Alzheimer's? Anybody wanting to dodge dementia? Ah yes. Sign us all up for that. Recall that type three diabetes, brain degeneration, occurs by the impact of insulin and blood sugar. Glucose overwhelms the brain leading to Alzheimer's. When we intermittent fast, there are periods of time when we're not eating. And as we learn how to comfortably use our own body fat as fuel rather than relying on food, we accumulate more and more hours of just not being hungry. Running on our own fat stores, our brain is stimulated to release its own protection and growth compound… BDNF. This is how we avoid those brain degenerative conditions by using hunger-free, natural intermittent fasting.

  • Effortless Weight Loss By Dining In

    Nope, we’re not talking about never going out to eat again. The meaning behind Dining In is to eat in a way where you just aren’t hungry most of the day therefore your body uses its own fuel, body fat. Dining In is the ONLY means to losing weight. Enabling your body to burn or consume body fat requires lessening insulin’s presence. Insulin up? Fat burning shut off. Insulin low? Fat burning is a Go. And operating on body fat rather than glucose means less free-radicals, less available cancer cell fuel, less AGE generation, less inflammation, less plaque accumulation…you get the picture. Everything gets better when we dine in more often.

Why “Let’s NOT Eat Together”, Is The Best Way To Support Family and Friends Struggling

You know, I say sometimes, and I mean this with empathy, that if you know someone who is struggling with any of the metabolic conditions, diabetes, obesity, cancer, brain degeneration, chronic pain, etc…and you are tempted to respond with conventional, socially accepted trivialities such as “Good Luck”, “Get Better”, “Hoping for the best” or “You’ll be in my thoughts” we need to start saying this: 

“I will not eat with you.” or “Let’s not eat, together.” 

Yeah. I’m being a bit silly about it. But the truth is that to help someone stop eating for a period of time, to fast with them, to initiate all of the risk-reversal positive health mechanisms is perhaps the greatest kindness we can extend. Helping others ignite their own natural, internal power. Fasting with them.

The enticement is:

 A.) You can forget to eat. 

B.) You can crush cravings. 

C.) You can pleasantly and comfortably flip the ON switch to your powerful anti-aging, anti-cancer, anti-brain degeneration built-in protection power and USE your body fat to LOSE weight.

The Powerful Glucose and Insulin Connection

Not anymore “thickening” for my daughter, my parents, my husband, myself, my SHIFT Insiders. 

And not any more for you either.

Nutritionists are so distracted by the colors and micronutrients of food. Dietitians seem to loop and replay the same dietary directives to you over and over again. 

Portion control. Counting calories. The “bad” foods list. It’s all so maddening!

And now we have the health club and fitness industry placing the blame for your continued struggle square on your shoulders. It’s your behavior regarding food that must change they are telling us, What!?

It’s not you or your behavior. 

It’s simply eating to the science of suppressing insulin. Less insulin = win.

How To Make Your Nutritionist, Dietician or Fitness Trainer Cry…

Considering all the nutritional directives you’ve been applying, what is the most bad ass action you can take? In other words, what would it take to make your nutritionist or dietician cry?

Eat (F)at.

The ‘F’ in brackets (F) means fat in isolation. No protein, no carbohydrate, just fat. 


In order to allow body fat burning insulin must not be stimulated. 

100% of the carbohydrate we eat ends up as blood sugar which stimulates significant insulin release. 50%  of the protein we eat ends up as blood sugar and so stimulates insulin a bit. 

So, what percentage of the fat we eat ends up as blood sugar?

Goose egg. Zero. Fat doesn’t become glucose in our blood and so does not stimulate insulin release.

Eating fat in isolation keeps insulin low. Insulin has to be down low for body fat burning to be a go.  If you’ve tried the doctors, nutritionists, and dietitians way or been urged by your fitness trainer to ‘change your behavior’ around food, consider some badass fat in isolation. 

By isolating fat, you’ll only be able to choose  healthful fats.  We’re not talking about trans fats and factory fats because they are mixed up with carbohydrate in packaged and processed foods. Isolated fats are foods like coconut oil and butter from grass-fed cows. The reason I pulled those two up is because I have had those two every single morning for seven years now.

Fat Is The Secret Antidote To Ending Cravings And Natural Intermittent Fasting

This is the secret antidote to canceling cravings. And, fat in isolation will tip you into intermittent fasting without even realizing it. 

This is what gets you to the place where, like every Shift Insider, you forget to eat lunch.  Do that again and again and again, and what happens to the excess fuel you’ve been carrying and accumulating all these decades?  You use it up. 

Starting A Natural Intermittent Fast Is As Simple As A Cup Of Coffee

So, fat in isolation can be something as simple as a cup of coffee. SHIFT coffee is the compilation of natural fats from grass-fed butter and coconut oil. Cows grazing on grass as nature intended produce far superior non-inflammatory, rich and creamy butter.

Coconut oil has more saturated fat than most any other food and has some MCTs or Medium Chain Triglycerides.  MCTs boost brain function and assist with weight loss by facilitating fat burning. When your body burns fat, energy particles called ketones are generated. This is where the ‘keto craze’ gets its name. Your body makes ketones naturally when your body is metabolizing fat for fuel.

Watch How To Make SHIFT Coffee And Kick-Start Your Daily Intermittent Fast 

Start with one tablespoon each, blend in a high speed mixer until frothy, about 20 seconds. Sip on this fat-focused beverage and notice satiety and the silencing of cravings. You can increase the amount of fat according to how your body responds. The first ‘feeding’ of the day will set you up for a day of craving and grazing or a day of calm, steady satiety and energy. 

Being cravings free and hungry less often is the BEST!

Intermittent fasting, done cravings-free and strategically to avoid hunger, is the type of fasting we look forward to. It’s all about eating to enable body fat burning.

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday we have our fasting food as needed. Tuesday and Thursday we strive for a liquid day. The details are inside your Intermittent Fasting Blueprint Guide. Get your Free copy by clicking the image below: 

The only piece not inside the Intermittent Fasting Blueprint Guide is the ‘fat in isolation’ concept we just reviewed. 

But here’s the critical thing, you shouldn’t be in isolation. You should be connected to a group who’s doing the exact thing that you desire to do. 

We all want a cravings free life. We all want to forget to eat at times. We all want to be free once and for all from the control food has had over us. We all want to be seen, heard, and understood for the struggle we are going through

I invite you to visit our program guide at SHIFTFormula.com. 

You’ll see your enrollment options. You’ll work directly with me and have the opportunity to join in our daily classroom sessions too.  

Here’s our November schedule. We don’t just talk about metabolic health, like what am I going to eat? What am I not going to eat? We also talk about what’s between our ears. Mindset, our ability to manage stress and cortisol, our ability to trust the universe, to be calm, to be even-keeled and focused and to navigate life’s curve balls.

How Thoughts Can Create Sugar In Our Body

Do you know that the thoughts you think can actually trigger your liver to raise your blood sugar and you’ll have another insulin response? Good grief. It seems like we’re all set to fail, but we’re actually not. 

When you know how your body operates you use intellect to override emotion. Metabolic power pathways must be the foundation of any nutritional directives. 

However we choose to eat; morally, consciously, sustainably, vegan, vegetarian, paleo, carnivore, whole, whatever….. having the science underneath it all shifts your outcomes from hopeful to predictable.

 Your Power Is In The KNOWING

Your power is the difference between thinking and knowing. Knowing wins every time.

Weight gain and subsequent health decline is subtle. It’s insidious. It creeps up on us. 

Your best offense is a strong defense. And pleasant, almost accidental intermittent fasting is the strongest defense you’ve got.  Risk-reversal and health restoration happens naturally when you forget to eat. 

Yes, The #1 Best Way To Intermittent Fast… 

…is to eat in a way where you forget to eat so that intermittent fasting happens naturally and  effortlessly.

You know, I was just talking with one of my new Shifters, a great guy up in Vermont. He said to me today during his private coaching call, “I would never have believed or imagined that ‘it’ would have happened this fast.” 

The “it” is weight loss and cancelled cravings. He’s already dropped 15 pounds in just about two weeks. And he, like so many of us, had been addicted to sugar and carbohydrates for as long as he can remember.

He cannot even recall a time in his adult life that he didn’t have incessant urges to be eating. He says, “For the first time in my life that I can remember, I’m not having cravings. And when I sit down to my meals, my mouth waters. That’s a different thing for me. I’m actually hungry again and it’s so different from craving. I’m actually hungry!”

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