San Diego Conference

For Diabetes Reversal, Cancer Prevention, Weight Loss, Inflammation, Depression, Alzheimer’s…

In a recent presentation at a national elder care attorney conference in San Diego, CA, SHIFT Formula founder Barb McDermott shares the food science behind the health challenges many of us face including diabetes type 2, weight gain, fibromyalgia, depression, cancer, inflammation, and more.

Barb shares the one common thread that relates to all these conditions and how to unravel each of those conditions by becoming aware.

Video Index:

0:00 – It’s Not About Appearances… it’s about disappearances of Metabolic Problems that suck the life out of us!
1:10 – Applying Science To Metabolic Problems
2:25 – An Organ We “Develop” That Produces Inflammation
3:27 – Depression, Alzheimers and Brain Degeneration Prevention
4:23 – How To Create an A.C.E., Anti-Cancer Environment
5:32 – Low Energy, Mood and Depression
6:04 – Stress Science… why stress keeps us in health chaos.
8:37 – Diabetes is Both a Thief and a Messenger… why we all have diabetes
9:52 – Sugar Burner vs. Fat Burner… and why fat burners age slower than sugar burners
10:55 – Fluid Retention
11:37 – The ONE Action That Solves All These Conditions!
14:19 – Why Exercise Doesn’t Work
15:38 – The Role Insulin and Glucose Play in Disease
18:02 – The “LACK” of Cholesterol & Alzheimer’s Connection
18:25 – How To Start Your Day To Enhance Your Health, Energy and Fat Burning
21:34 – Alzheimer’s Study & Coconut Oil
22:32 – The Solution Is Not Juicing or Nutritioning Our Way Out Of Health Chaos… The Key Is To Stop Causing the Problem in the First Place

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