Are You Tired Of Working Out? 

If you’re exercising more often and still not getting the results you’re shooting for, here are 3 Mistakes that may be RUINING your Exercise Weight Loss Efforts.

And they all come down to how they impact that mighty fat storage hormone, insulin.

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And Even IF Your Weight Loss Exercise Seems To Be Working, Would You Like Even Better, Faster & Lifetime Lasting Results?

The ultimate goal is NOT losing “weight”.

You want to lose, or as we say, USE your body fat.

Most people who exercise are losing weight.

The problem is their weight loss is comprised mostly of water, and possibly muscle.

The water comes right back.

Unfortunately, the muscle loss makes weight loss exercise even more challenging because the muscle helps us to burn glucose. And with less muscle mass as we age, the excess glucose hits a tipping point. 

Instead of the glucose being used for energy by your muscles, as it had in years past, it goes unused and stored as body fat.

We call this an Insulin Belt because the fat accumulates around our waist. And it’s the fat storage hormone insulin that pulls the sugar (Glucose) out of the blood stream and it converts  to belly fat.

So How Do We Avoid This Weight Loss Exercise Black Hole?

We’re often asked…

  • “What’s the best exercise to lose weight, or best way to lose weight?”
  • “What are the best weight loss strategies?”
  • “What are the best exercises to lose belly fat?”

The answer is quite simple…

The BEST Way Is Don't Violate These 3 Weight Loss Exercise Truths

Weight Loss Exercise Mistake #1… Exercising in a State of Elevated Insulin. 

Spending hours in the gym, on the treadmill, taking classes and more every week isn’t necessary. And if your insulin is elevated while you are exercising, that’s a guarantee that you will NOT burn body fat.

Insulin’s job is to address the toxic situation happening in our blood 24/7. That toxic situation is too much sugar (glucose). And your body will not access your body fat for fuel until the excess glucose situation is taken care of.

Weight Loss Exercise - Mistake #1

So, if insulin levels are elevated, fat stores are locked. 

 To maximize body fat burning during exercise the best strategy is to stop eating a few hours before your exercise. This mini-fast will help to bring insulin levels down and put you in an optimal  body fat burning state.

Weight Loss Exercise Mistake #2… Working Out & NOT Enjoying It.

Exercise needs to be more like play than work. 

If it’s a stressful experience you’re going to have a stress response. A stress response means that the stress hormone cortisol gets involved. 

And cortisol does what?

Weight Loss Exercise - Mistake #2

"Cortisol Sabotages Weight Loss."

The stress hormone cortisol sabotages your weight loss because it actually signals your liver to release glucose in your bloodstream. 

And guess what happens? Insulin levels elevate and body fat goes into lockdown.

Having owed a chain of health clubs, (McDermott’s Athletic Clubs), our first response to helping our daughter once she was diagnosed with type-1 diabetes was to have her exercise.

And whenever she participated in exercise that she didn’t enjoy or were too intense, we’d see her blood sugar elevate…. significantly.

So if you’re exercising and it’s a lot of work and it’s not enjoyable, that’s one sure fire way that you’re sabotaging your weight loss efforts.

Weight Loss Exercise Mistake #3… Putting More Emphasis On Cardio Rather Than Muscle Work

When we’re looking to lose body fat and use body fat, it all comes down to keeping insulin levels, our fat storage hormone, low. 

When we’re using our muscles, we re-sensitize our whole body to insulin.

That means the more muscle we have, the less insulin our body needs. And when there’s less insulin, we win.

Weight Loss Exercise - Mistake #3


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