Forget To Eat | Weight Loss Without Hunger

Hey there. Welcome to my classroom. My name is Barbara McDermott. I’m the founder of SHIFT Formula and we have the good fortune and privilege of guiding others on how to, very simply and painlessly, forget to eat.

Another way to look at it is… Weight Loss Without Hunger.

But as you’ll learn in this article, the benefits of forgetting to eat go way beyond weight loss.

Is there anything more pleasing and powerful than actually forgetting to eat?

You know, the world might have us TRYING to forget. But in the SHIFT Community, we just KNOW HOW to eat so our body isn’t hungry or craving.

Weight Loss Without Hunger

We NATURALLY Forget To Eat

When you forget to eat, there’s no need to suppress appetite. Your appetite and cravings aren’t gnawing at you all day long.

Forgetting to eat is your superpower.

When you eat in a way that suppress appetite naturally, there’s no struggle.

Cravings evaporate… and hunger stays away for most of the day.

Now you would think, if I’m not eating most of the day, I’m going to be fatigued, right?

But you see, your body will  be eating.

How Your Body Eats… When You’re Not Eating

We call it, “dining in”.

When you forget to eat, that means your body is “dining in” on its own high energy source of fuel. Your body fat.

So you actually have MORE energy, a lot more energy!, when your body fat burning kicks in.

And when you’re burning body fat, there’s no need to worry about super foods. You carry your own supply of superfood, body fat.

Forget To Eat And Go Way Beyond Weight Loss Without Hunger!!

YOU are your own super power.  Because when you forget to eat, a powerful internal mechanism is turned on. 

When you forget to eat,  your powerful inside-action has you achieving a whole lot more than mere weight loss.

Let’s take a look…

The Forget To Eat Superpower of Autophagy

First of all, when you forget to eat, insulin, your fat accumulation growth hormone, lowers way down. And when insulin levels drop way down this beautiful thing called autophagy happens. 

Learn more about the role of insulin in weight loss.

I call it “this beautiful thing”, because it actually makes a body more beautiful. Those who engage in autophagy know the anti-aging, anti-cancer, anti-Alzeheimer’s power they are activating. 

A simple way to think of autophagy is our body’s in-house self-cleaning and self-renewal system.

So, as we naturally accumulate cellular debris, kind of like cleaning out our garage, autophagy rids the body of all kinds of faulty, worn out, corroded, crusted cellular parts  that, because they no longer function well,  no longer serve the body. 

Think about the plaque that accumulates on our brain cells leading to dementia and Alzheimer’s. Think about the corrosion that develops on micro and macro-vascular tissue leading to atherosclerosis and neuropathy. Think about once healthy cells impacted by environmental toxins leading to the onset of cancer.

The Forget To Eat Superpower of Apoptosis

Within autophagy we are equipped with a powerful mechanism called apoptosis.

Apoptosis is cancer cell suicide. 

Sign me up for some of that, right? 

Each of our cells is encoded or programmed with ‘abort messaging’. Meaning, if a cell goes rogue or behaves erratically, or goes off plan from its original set function, the cellular signal to terminate itself is activated. 

Well, I recall thinking, if that’s true, why is there so much cancer in the world today? No one should develop cancer with that self-destruct mechanism, right? 

Here’s the thing…

Autophagy, complete with the apoptosis power, isn’t always activated. It’s not always turned on.  

Autophagy, our body’s ability to destroy a cancer cell before it takes root is only turned on when we are not eating… for hours. 

Find out if you are Feeding Cancer or Fighting Cancer.

Autophagy, our body's ability to destroy a cancer cell before it takes root is only turned on when we are not eating... for hours.

Autophagy is only initiated by quite specific internal factors.  Very low amounts of glucose and insulin. We can call it a glucose and insulin deficit.

Most individuals are unknowingly in a steady state of glucose and insulin surplus. 

Grazing turns apoptosis off. Even if we’re grazing on plant-based, organic super foods, Farm-to-Table goodness and nutrient-density have no bearing.  

Fight Cancer Movement

My mind wanders to the “Fight Cancer in the Kitchen” movement. There is this seductive idea that food is medicine. That if we just eat the right foods, in the right amount, with the right mindset, it will all work out for us. 

Yes, high quality food trumps poor quality food. But any glucose-generating food turns off apoptosis. Perhaps the movement needs to shift from “Fight Cancer in the Kitchen” to “To Fight Cancer Get Out of the Kitchen.”  

When we forget to eat, we are free from the kitchen, free from the food frenzy, free from the near-obsessive food worship.

"Fight Cancer... Get Out of the Kitchen."

We calmly, cooly, and with absolute clarity respond to the food mayhem, “No thanks. I’m dining in today. Just not hungry.” 

And we know we are engaged in our most powerful anti-cancer action, the one few know about, the one our creator designed just for us. Talk about eliminating stress! 

This is where ‘forgetting to eat’ shines. When we forget to eat on a regular basis, naturally, autophagy’s cellular cleansing is going on regularly. Forget the spa. Forget the gym membership. Forget the super-food chase. All you need do is activate your internal renewal and house-cleaning power. 

It’s The Automatic Vacuum Cleaner For Your Body

Makes me think of the self-powered floor vacuums that roam around your living space. We don’t have to put out any physical or mental effort other than flipping the switch. Powerful.

Okay. So cancer can be beat even before it takes hold. We just need be aware that not eating is a smart health move.

The Forget To Eat Superpower of HGH

The next benefit happens because our body is in cleansing, self renewal mode.

When we are in that mode, production of our anti-aging or “fountain of youth” hormone, HGH (human growth hormone), is elevate . So, yea, people who forget to eat more often, they tend to look younger.

Forgetting to eat is simply one of, if not the strongest, most powerful health gain actions we can put into our lives. I keep using the phrase, ‘forgetting to eat’. And there’s a big difference between forgetting to, and trying not to, eat.

Remember “Forgetting To Eat” Is NOT “Trying Not To Eat”

Forgetting to eat happens naturally. Knowing the secret to eating in a way the creates long lasting satiety. It’s when you just aren’t hungry or craving food for hours and hours and hours.

Trying not to eat is the complete opposite of forgetting to eat. 

Trying not to eat requires self-control, discipline, deprivation and restriction. All of these are finite energy resources. And at some point, we give in. 

Living a life of food sacrifice and restriction is not sustainable. Nor fun. That’s why ALL diets fail. Diets are a short-term fix to a lifelong health challenge.

Trying not to eat also creates stress. And that stress causes a release of the stress hormone cortisol, also known as your ‘fight or flight’ hormone. Cortisol will sabotage your weight loss efforts. When cortisol is circulating in your body, body fat stores are put into lock-down.

At SHIFT we teach how to eat the foods you love in a way that provides higher energy and relief from cravings and hunger.

The Forget To Eat Superpower of Lipase

So when your HGH level is up. Your apoptosis is turned on. And forgetting to eat also triggers the release of lipase.

Lipase is your fat burning enzyme. When insulin levels are up, because we’re always eating, lipase is not being produced. Even when we are eating organic plant-based foods that are locally sourced, the impact is the same.

If we’re always eating, insulin is always elevated and when insulin is elevated, lipase production is turned off.

If there’s no lipase being produced, you are not going to be able to use any of your body fat fuel.

Lipase - How To Suppress Hunger And Lose Weight

Body Fat Is Body Fuel

When we are grazing all day, we are not creating lipase so we’re not able to burn body fat. We’re going to churn through the sugar glucose. 

Again… that’s true even if we’re eating plant based foods. That’s not to say that eating plants is bad. But if you are eating plant-based to lose weight or to enhance your health, know that a plant-based diet is a glucose based diet. And glucose is sugar. 

So in reality, a plant-based diet is a sugar based diet.

A plant-based diet is a sugar based diet.

The Secret To Weight Loss Through Exercise

When sugar and insulin are elevated, fat burning is a ‘no go’. I think back to my 23 years of owning health clubs… 

This is why the majority of my members, even the ones who came into my clubs daily, couldn’t reduce what was around their waist. They could not lose weight no matter hard often they worked out.

It’s because they came to the workout with insulin circulating in their body. Their insulin was elevated therefore, lipase was  turned off.

That means, there was NO body fat being used for fuel during their workout. Instead, their body had to burn through the sugar. Which also has a side effect of making you  crave more sugar.

Sound familiar?

So again, when we forget to eat, we turn on autophagy.

And autophagy causes a chain reaction of health benefits including:

  • Cancer cell self-destruction is turned on.
  • HGH, the anti aging youth muscle-building hormone is increased.
  • Lipase, your fat burning enzyme is produced.

And when lipase is being produced, we’re able to dine in. That’s the term we use when we forgot to eat. “I’m dining in.”

When you’re dining in, you are using your body fat for fuel. And the side effect is, you’re just not hungry. That’s why we’re so happy.

The Forget To Eat Superpower of BDNF

Okay, and the next big benefit of forgetting to eat is BDNF. 

That’s brain derived neurotrophic factor. And it means we grow, fortify, and establish new neural networks in our brain. We literally become a little smarter. We become more clearheaded. And brain fog disappears.

Alzheimer’s anyone?

Not on our watch!

So, we are enhancing brain health when we forget to eat!

The Forget To Eat Superpower of Ketones

And the last benefit is the byproduct of when we burn body fat. It is called a ketone body or ketones. 

Do you know what we actually create when we’re burning glucose from all of the plants and the grains and the fruits that we’re eating, we produce free radicals. Not Cool.

But, when we burn fat and body fat, we produce energy particles called ketones. Operating on fat is clean burning, and long lasting. It’s why we forget to eat. We’re literally not hungry.

So when we forget to eat, all of these 5 big health gain benefits are turned on. 

Is it any wonder that our energy is elevated? Is it any wonder that we forget to be depressed? Is it any wonder that we forget our old lives? It’s really powerful. 

And again, it has nothing to do with, ‘trying’ to forget. You don’t force forgetting to eat, it needs to happen naturally by eating in a way where you, forget to eat.

If you’d like help learning how to forget to eat, I’ve created a series videos that teaches how easy it is and how you can be saying, “I forget to eat!”, by tomorrow.

Go to my free Forget To Eat course here.

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