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How To Use Potassium For Weight Loss | Barbara McDermott - SHIFT Formula

How To Use Potassium For Weight Loss | High In Potassium Foods List

I can hear you now… “Potassium for weight loss!?” Potassium is a valuable asset in controlling the health chaos created by carbohydrate consumption. Carbohydrate consumption generates glucose. Lots of glucose. And, from the earlier lessons I shared, (Get all the lesson here – FREE.), we realize that glucose, in excess, is the cause of much […]

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Weight Loss And Insulin Barbara McDermott - SHIFT_Formula

Weight Loss and Insulin… Only 1 Thing Matters

Weight Loss and Insulin is like Breathing and Altitude. Weight Loss is really hard when you are in high insulin. Breathing is really hard when you are in high altitude. If you wish to breathe more easily come down from the high altitude. If you wish to lose weight more easily come down from the […]

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How Hyperinsulinemia Sabotages Weight Loss & What To Do About It - Barbara McDermott

How Hyperinsulinemia Sabotages Weight Loss

Hyperinsulinemia… Huh?  Hyperinsulinemia. It’s a big word. And it’s an even bigger diagnosis. Hyperinsulinemia is gaining mainstream status these days. One of my newest clients shared that her doctor told her, “you have hyperinsulinemia”, and she was wondering if I’d ever heard of it. Ever heard of it?  I see it. Daily. Walking around on legs. Do you? […]

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Low Insulin Diet | Barbara McDermott - SHIFT Formula

Is a Low Insulin Diet For You?

What Exactly Is a Low Insulin Diet? You’ve heard of many diets over the years but a Low Insulin Diet? That one has probably never crossed your path. So, what does ‘low insulin’ mean and why would anyone be interested in such a thing? The following is the transcription of a live sharing of ideas […]

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High Insulin Levels - The Egg On Legs Story

High Insulin Levels & The Story Of The Disappearing Egg On Legs

The Invisible Man… a.k.a. High Insulin Levels If you’ve been following my teachings, you already know how high insulin levels are responsible for so much unnecessary pain, suffering and damaging health consequences. Most in our society have no idea. Cancer, heart disease, pain, inflammation, diabetes, pcos, neuropathy, fibromyalgia, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, Alzheimer’s, depression, […]

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How To Lose Body Fat

How To Lose Body Fat | What You’re Not Being Told

We think we want to lose weight but, the big question is, “How to lose body fat.” If we focus simply on losing weight and let the scale be the sole measure of success, we’ll always be misled… and betraid. The scale knows not what’s really going on. Yes, the scale measures lose of weight […]

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Reversing The Diabetes Pandemic with Dr. Padda

Rats, Food & Prisons – Reversing The Diabetes Pandemic With Dr. Padda

We are living in a diabetes pandemic. But diabetes isn’t just about blood sugar, it’s systemic inflammation, incessant cravings-driven eating.  It’s obesity. And it’s impacting our nation in ways most are completely unaware of. From our children’s exposure to the U.S. dietary regulations in our public schools and the rise in ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), […]

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Which Hormones Cause Weight Gain

Which Hormones Cause Weight Gain

If you’ve ever wondered how hormones contributed to weight gain or which hormones cause weight gain, the below video and article provides clear guidance. You will know how certain hormones sabotage your weight loss efforts. And, what you can do right now to lessen… even eliminate their impact. Watch The Video Episode Of Which Hormones […]

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