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You’ve made it to Wednesday but you’re EXHAUSTED!

Tired and hungry… the last thing you want to do is slave away in the kitchen preparing or cleaning up dinner.

And searching the internet for more low carb dinner recipes sounds way too overwhelming right now.

Anyway, most of those low carb dinner recipes look more like something a “chef” would cook.

You know, someone who enjoys being in the kitchen. But that’s not you.

Especially tonight!

For us, life is too short to spend hours in the kitchen every day.

That’s why the foods we eat take minutes to prepare and, insure that we aren’t craving or hungry most of the day.

It’s awesome food and kitchen FREEDOM!

 So back to the low carb dinner recipes …

This ONE PAN WEDNESDAY dinner is so easy and flexible to make.

Beside what we’ve included in the recipe, one of our favorite versions is to look in the frig and gather all the soon to go bad vegetables. Chop them up. And add them to your One Pan.

What’s also nice is the variety.

The sky is truly the limit between the various combinations and tastes you can create between adding different vegetables, meat, poultry, fish, and cheese.

You can even add one of our Special Weight Loss Sauces to it. That will add a whole new level of DELICIOUS.

PLUS… as we explain in our 3 Weight Loss Special Sauce blog post, these sauces satisfies your hunger so much faster and they eliminate cravings for hours and hours!

Remember to download the full recipe here: Low Carb Dinner Recipes – One Pan Wednesday

Our ONE PAN WEDNESDAY Recipe gives you a delicious low carb dinner that will keep your blood sugar stable and curb sugar cravings.

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