RECIPE: 90 Second “On-The-Run” Bread Bun

A DELICIOUS Way To Reduce Carbohydrates By 90%. Now You Can Eat Grilled Cheese (And your other favorite sandwiches.) Without Sacrificing Flavor!!

low carb bread

Would You Like Delicious Low Carb Bread (Almost ZERO Carbohydrates!) In 90 Seconds?

We have great news!

If you’re trying to control blood sugar, lose weight or simply reduce the amount of sugar, A.K.A. carbohydrate you consume daily without depriving yourself of the foods you LOVE, then you’ve got to try this low carb bread that doesn’t taste like…

…low carb bread. 

There’s no longer any need to give up bread! 🎉🎉🎉

Watch Barb McDermott cook up a mouth watering grilled cheese sandwich that… PROMOTES WEIGHT LOSS, helps to control blood sugar and curbs sugar cravings.

This is our go-to… SHIFTed bread recipe. It’s a great vehicle for a hearty lunch filled with turkey and ham, tuna salad, grilled cheese, even burgers, hot dogs and more!

It’s a delicious and fast way to reduce carbohydrates by about 90% over conventional breads!

Now all your favorite sandwiches can be enjoyed again… Guilt-Free!

For example…

  • A typical grilled cheese sandwich contains about 40 carbohydrates...
  • But with this recipe your SHIFTed grilled cheese sandwich has only 3 - 4 carbohydrates!!

And the 90 Second Low Carb Bread Bun is PERFECT for burgers and hot dogs, BLT’s, tuna salad as well as your everyday lunchtime sandwiches! 🌭

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