Keto Cheesecake Recipe

Mouthwatering Low Carb Dessert - SHIFT Sunshine Lemon Cheesecake

Searching for an easy keto cheesecake recipe? 

A typical cheesecake recipe is already almost keto, naturally. Which makes the beloved cheesecake the perfect dessert choice when embarking on the keto path to restoring health, weight, and vitality. 

Wait. We can have cheesecake AND excellent health? Yep.

Download the Lemon Keto Cheesecake Recipe 👉 HERE.

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The Keto Cheesecake Recipe Myth:

“Is there a secret ‘keto’ ingredient in the cheesecake that makes a body burn fat or keeps a body from not getting fat?”

That’s the thing about keto. Most of us don’t really know keto.

Might there be a secret “keto” ingredient?  We may think so and expect something like this is in the recipe directions:

“While mixing the cream cheese, add 1/2 cup of keto powder.”

No. That’s not how it works. Although some companies do indeed sell “keto powders and keto potions”.

“Keto” is slang or abbreviation for ketogenic or ketosis or ketones. Of the three keto terms: ketogenic, ketosis, ketones, it’s the middle one that’s most important. Ketosis.

Ketosis is the natural metabolic state a body is in when it is using its own body fat for fuel. Body fat burning.

  • Body fat burning is weight loss.
  • Body fat burning is weight maintenance.
  • Body fat burning is powerful brain and body functioning because our cells are operating on ketones. Ketones.

Ketones are the natural by-product of fat burning.

When the body is in ketosis (burning its stored body fat) these energy particles, called ketones, are generated. The brain LOVES operating on ketones. Our brain gets weary and worn burning glucose 24/7.

  • Glucose is sticky.
  • Glucose gums up cell membranes.
  • Glucose is also prickly or like minuscule shards of glass.
  • Glucose corrodes and damages delicate blood vessels and nerves.
  • Glucose compromises brain functioning.
  • Glucose compromises micro-vascular functioning. 

Imagine our super-fine nerve endings crusted by sugar. Ouch.

Or even worse…..I can’t feel my feet! (neuropathy) Not cool.

Glucose is the fuel we use from any and every carbohydrate we eat. If you, like I had once been, are a high-carbohydrate feeder you might be in the queue for conditions like heart disease, Alzheimer’s, cancer, and diabetes.

My typical day was oatmeal, fruit, salad with cranberries or pear slices, rice and beans, lean and organic chicken with steamed vegetables on the side. This is a perfect example of a carbohydrate-focused diet. Every item, excluding the chicken, is carbohydrate. 

Crazy thing is, the one item not a carbohydrate can actually ‘behave’ like a carbohydrate once it’s inside me. Chicken carries a great amount of protein per serving. Roughly 28 grams of protein for a 4 ounce or deck of cards size serving. If my body doesn’t require that much protein at the time of feeding, guess what happens to the excess protein? It converts to the very same fuel as the carbohydrate…..glucose.

“Too Much Protein Converts To Glucose.”

The mainstream ‘healthy’ approach to eating is: 

  • Organic
  • Lean
  • Whole, plants-based
  • Low fat

This supports a sugar-burning metabolism which has many of us scratching our heads at why we carry a spare tire around our middle. It’s why we have chronic pain. It’s why cancer and diabetes are epidemics. It’s why our slim health conscious friends and family members are slipping into early dementia and suffering heart attacks or strokes.

It’s… Glucose. Carbohydrate.

Herein lies the catalyst for the global ‘keto’ movement. When following the rules ends up in defeat, frustration and disenchantment, the go-getters get going. Seeking a solution that actually solves. But the wise ones, before they jump ship, pause long enough to gather some facts. And information-gathering should begin with one question. “Why?”

Why does “keto” work?

Back to the Keto Cheesecake Recipe...

This is one of our favorite Keto Dessert Recipes – Download it here.

What is it about the keto cheesecake recipe that makes it work for weight loss? 

Makes it work for avoiding weight gain? Makes it work for optimal health?

It all comes down to the ingredients.

Is it the lemons?
Is it the pecans?
Is it the eggs, the butter, the vanilla?

We SHIFTers are not water skiers. We’re deep divers.

When most see lemons, cream cheese, vanilla, eggs, sweetener, and butter. SHIFTers see fat, protein, and carbohydrate.

Every food in the world, refined or raw, organic or factory made, real or fake, nutrient dense or sub par are, at the bottom of it all, either a fat, a protein or a carbohydrate, or a combination of.

That in itself simplifies things.

“Confused Consumers, Consume.”

Big business wants to keep us confused. Confused consumers, consume. Confused consumers in some form of pain consume more products than intelligent consumers not in pain.

This is why the food and health industry makes attaining health so very, very complicated. It’s why cooking shows and magazines, and celebrity docs, and nutritionists, and big pills, powders, and potions companies pull in billions and billions of dollars annually.

We are overwhelmed by information.

Distracted. Seduced. Scurrying from one idea to another. Information is only data. Information is not solution. Information is re-purposed, regurgitated, reused time and time again to fill the news quota, to meet the magazine deadline, to assert a position of authority, to dupe, to dizzy and to demoralize consumers from figuring it out on their own.

Nutrients. Color. Origin. Morality. Sugar. Fat. Ethically Sourced Protein. Plant protein. Lean Protein. Clean Protein. Animal protein. Nourish. Fast. Packaged. Processed. Enzymes. Minerals.

My body is different. My ‘insert diagnosis here’ situation is different. Love is the answer. Eat mindfully. Eat consciously. Eat gratefully. Eat more. Eat less. Check in on how full your stomach is before you eat. Gluten Free. Gluten Freak. Glycemic Index. Portion Control. Manage. Indulge. Correct. Guilt. Misery. Intrusive Food Thoughts. Incessant Cravings. Crashes. Shaky Hands. Blurred Vision. Racing Heart. Behavioral Outbursts. Irritability. Hangry. Anxiety. Overwhelm.

  • Eat sensibly.
  • Eat simply.
  • Eat pretty.
  • Eat dirty.
  • Eat clean.
  • Eat healthy.

And we all know what it all means, right? When the experts tell us to “just eat healthy”. “Just apply some self-control”. “Just eat all things in moderation.” “Just don’t overdo it.” “Just eat real, local, and sustainably and your health, because of your moral attention to food, will all work out.”

While we humans run around in circles trying out all the nutritional directives laid out by other humans running around in circles trying to figure out nutritional directives, our body plays out it’s metabolic pathways without pretense, without hoopla, without fanfare, without our even knowing.

Metabolic Pathway #1: We eat food…

Our body digests the food.
Fat digests into fatty acids.
Protein digests into amino acids.
Carbohydrate digests into glucose.

Metabolic Pathway #2: Digested food triggers internal response.

Just like our heart beats, without our telling it to and we breathe without realizing it, our body secretes hormones to enact specific life-sustaining actions. One hormone in particular manages the distribution of the energy generated from the foods we eat.

This single hormone is responsible for our belly fat, our hardening arteries, our cancer cell establishment, the speed of our aging, our declining brain function, our blood sugar regulation, our chronic nerve pain.

That Hormone is Insulin.

There is good news here! Just like we can slow our heart rate and breathing by paying attention to it, we can also indeed, quite easily and pleasantly, influence the volume of insulin secretion. And it’s right here, at the place of suppressing our body’s secretion of insulin, that we understand why ‘keto’ works.

A body more often in a state of HIGH insulin will… gain weight, hold onto belly fat, accumulate plaque (think blood vessels, brain cells, and teeth!) stoke chronic pain, support cancer cell proliferation, and age more rapidly.

A body more often in a state of LOW insulin will… lose weight, release belly fat, resolve plaque, soften, even eliminate chronic pain, sabotage cancer cell proliferation, and age more slowly, gracefully.

“Health truly comes down to burning fat more often than burning sugar.”

Sugar or carbohydrate/glucose burning is a state of high insulin.
Fatty acids or fat/ketone burning is a state of low insulin.

It is ONLY when insulin is low that fat burning is a “go”.

And insulin is only low when carbohydrate consumption is low.

Thus the Keto Cheesecake Recipe | Low Carb Dessert

Looking back at the ingredients let’s see why this Keto Cheesecake Recipe supports weight loss and fat burning. Remember, it’s not so much about what’s in the recipe as it’s about what’s not in the recipe.

“It’s not so much about what’s in the recipe as it is about what’s NOT in the recipe.”

Let’s take a look:

  • Butter… no carbohydrate
  • Pecans… very little carbohydrate
  • Sweetener… a bit of carbohydrate swapping out conventional sugar for
    an alternative sweetener
  • Vanilla… no carbohydrate
  • Lemon Zest… no carbohydrate
  • Cream Cheese… very very little carbohydrate
  • Eggs… a trace of carbohydrate

For a dessert, this recipe involves very little carbohydrate and is one of the best low carb desserts recipes.

So Why Choose a Low Carb Dessert? Is Carbohydrate ‘The Problem’????

Carbohydrate is not a problem. It’s a catalyst. Carbohydrate in any form digests into blood sugar a.k.a., glucose. It is the glucose that stimulates insulin secretion. Every Time. Always. To keep insulin low we need only keep carbohydrate consumption low.

But when we reduce our carbohydrate intake something’s got to take it’s place. This is where fat comes in. Fat does not contribute to blood sugar…..at all. Eating fat-focused keeps insulin in check and body fat burning enabled.

THAT’s The Way Out Of Health Chaos.

Recall that protein does indeed contribute to blood sugar/glucose rise so it also stimulates an insulin response. It’s the fat, the one we’ve held in contempt, the one we’ve avoided, the one blamed and shamed through the past few decades that is actually our saving grace.

Fat fuel is clean, long lasting, steady energy . Glucose burning isn’t. Generated from carbohydrate, glucose fuel is free-radical producing, short lasting and energy crashing. And, it requires near-constant refueling. That’s why CRAVINGS strike so often. For some… it’s constant. Crikes.

Fat burning generated from fatty acids produces ketones. Yay! Our brain and body thrives on ketones! Yes please.

Those on the keto-path are headed in the right direction. However, even ‘doing keto’ can have it’s potholes if the ‘doer’ doesn’t know exactly what they’re doing. Be careful. Dirty Keto. Psuedo Keto. Paleo Keto. It’s amazing what we humans can come up with to complicate life!

’Keto’ is just one aspect of the equation for insulin suppression.

“’Keto’ is just one aspect of the equation for insulin suppression.”

But when we reduce our carbohydrate intake something’s got to take it’s place. This is where fat comes in. Fat does not contribute to blood sugar…..at all. Eating fat-focused keeps insulin in check and body fat burning enabled.

Other variables impacting insulin secretion are lifestyle habits. Feeding frequency, emotional reaction to life’s stressors, time outdoors, activity and play, and social connectedness all collectively, and individually, influence insulin response.

The Keto Cheesecake Recipe Conclusion

Cheesecake is a less insulin-stimulating dessert than a cake in that it’s main ingredient is cheese (fat) rather than flour (carbohydrate). 

Cheese stimulates insulin far, far less than conventional flour. Cheesecake is already almost keto because of that. However, to ensure it is even less insulin stimulating and meets the keto parameters of fat, protein and carbohydrate, we merely need to swap or SHIFT out the typical sweetener for an alternative low carbohydrate sweetener. That is all that needs doing to create the ultimate Keto Cheesecake recipe.

SHIFT from wandering and wondering to knowing.

SHIFT from fat accumulation to fat release.

SHIFT from sacrifice to satiety.

SHIFT from cravings to calm.

SHIFT from confusion to certainty.

And dig into some SHIFT Sunshine Lemon Cheesecake!

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