Bay Butter Salmon Recipe | Deliciously Curb Cravings For Hours!

Butter Salmon In Minutes Without The Mess Or Fishy Taste… YUM 🙂

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During a recent SHIFT Insider Coaching – Live Kitchen Show… (http://shift-insider.com) with Barbara & Charlie McDermott…

Charlie shared his 11-Minute Bay Butter Salmon Dinner.

Download the Bay Butter Salmon recipe here.

When you make it like this, you’ll never experience dry, fishy tasting salmon again.

We call it Charlie’s Bay Butter Salmon.

And whenever he makes it we’re always caught off guard by how flavorful, delicious, and filling this uber-simple recipe is.

But it’s not even a recipe!

It’s just cooking in a foil wrap with lots of butter!

That means zero clean up 🙂

Love it!!

Easter Special!


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