Would You Like To Soften Type 1 Diabetes?

Living with Type 1 is very, very hard and at times can seem virtually impossible. Although there is no cure, there is a better life awaiting you.

Type 1 Diabetics Love SHIFT

SHIFT originated out of founder Barb McDermott’s research to help her Type 1 Diabetic daughter, Erin. Not long after the diagnosis, and while painstakingly following the diet advice from the medical community, Barb watched in defeat as Erin’s weight skyrocketed 35 pounds, while her energy level, and will to live plummeted.

Fortunately, Barb figured out the SHIFT Formula® and now it has become the Type 1 Diabetic’s best friend by softening the hard edges of the disease, and getting them back to optimal weight, and optimal A1c... without constant food cravings.