It’s NOT The Cholesterol!

It’s NOT The Cholesterol!

Do You Have Cholesterol Concerns?

Here’s a snippet from a recent SHIFT Insider Coaching Meeting with Barbara & Charlie McDermott. There were a number of questions regarding cholesterol and concerns of how eating higher fat could impact cholesterol levels.

It may surprise you to know that only about 15% of the cholesterol that circulates in our body comes from what we eat.

And if you lower your cholesterol, your body will make more cholesterol to make up the difference.

Did you know that cholesterol controlling drugs actually cause liver cells to die? When enough liver cells die the result is less cholesterol in your blood.

That’s how we lower cholesterol.


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When we SHIFTers begin losing weight and burning body fat because our fat stores are open and free to be used and fuel our day…

…therefore we will have fat circulating in our bloodstream.

So in the early days of SHIFTing (Fat Burning) your cholesterol may present higher.

And then it will return to a healthy level because, cholesterol will always be in direct proportion to inflammation.

Cholesterol is the bandaging system for our body.

When we are stressed…

…carrying extra body weight
…dealing with the pain of Fibromyalgia
…post traumatic stress

…cholesterol tends to be higher.

Cholesterol consumed has little to do with cholesterol in the bloodstream.

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