Effortless Weight Loss

How To Avoid The 3 Hurdles That Sabotage Fat Burning

Here’s Why There’s No Need To Diet, Resist Cravings, Restrict Calories or Exercise To Lose Weight!

YAY! ???? ???? ????

In this recording of a recent Facebook Live seminar, best-selling author Barb McDermott shares why just about everything you’ve been told about losing weight is dead wrong.

Here’s what you’ll learn…

How to lose weight without buying pills, powders, portions, products or special foods.
Why eating less may actually cause weight gain!
Why weight gain and accelerated aging go hand-in-hand.
Why our bodies are wired for weight gain and why it wants to hold onto body fat and never let go… unless you do this. (Revealed Tonight)
What weight gain around the waist tells us and how to get rid of belly fat.
How to lose weight without crazy exercise routines... or even without any exercise at all!
Why food cravings happen and how to keep them from taking over your life.
Why weight gain has NOTHING to do with willpower or discipline.
MOST IMPORTANT: Why it is IMPOSSIBLE to lose fat if you are trapped in sugar burning mode.

And make sure you have a notepad ???? and pen ???? with you because Barb will be providing a lot of new information.

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