Become Craving Free

How To Get Rid Of Sugar & Food Cravings


In this seminar, best-selling author Barb McDermott shares why food cravings happen and how to keep them from happening… forever.

Here’s what you’ll learn…

Why food cravings happen... it's not YOU! (It's just basic chemistry.)
How to keep cravings from controlling you... (It has NOTHING to do with willpower, discipline, or positive thinking...
What to do when comfort foods call.
Weight loss simplified... do this and body fat naturally burns away.
Tired of all the Health HYPE? Finally get answers based on science and NOT contingent on you buying pills, powders, potions, products or special foods!
Why our brain, body and emotions innocently work against weight loss.

And make sure you have a notepad ???? and pen ???? with you because Barb will be providing a lot of new information.

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