SHIFT Insiders KNOW...

Imagine waking up tomorrow KNOWING that every action you take will lead you to your permanent solution...

Instead of Uncertainty.

You’re feeling better... aches and pains are fading away, even debilitating Fibromyalgia pain.

You’re looking better... Inflammation and bloat is down. Compliments about your skin and your appearance are becoming almost embarrassingly commonplace. And you’re really loving the attention.

You’re becoming even more successful… Living life “on purpose” is becoming easier and easier. You have direction, confidence and laser-focused drive.

Your energy seems limitless! You wonder… “How is it that I can have more energy today than I did twenty years ago?“ And then with a smile you realize how much easier the rest of your life will be now that you’ve tapped into this new source of fuel for your body and mind.

Your sugar and food cravings are evaporating like a snowflake melting in the palm of your warm hand.

And you’re making and saving more money!

So you’re probably wondering, “Okay, how do I get some of that?

First, A Warning:

Before I tell you about the solution, let me make something perfectly clear.

This isn’t one of those “fad diet” websites that promises you an overnight weight loss miracle.

Unlike other programs, we don’t promise results based on spending a small fortune on pills, powders, potions, and products. There’s no need for any of that.

And getting permanent results doesn’t require special foods, dieting or even exercise.

In fact, what it really takes to lose fat, heal your body, eliminate cravings, significantly increase your energy, and enhance your mental game and mood is a lot easier than what you’ve been told.

If you’re like many of my SHIFT Clients, you’ve been working at it too hard… and too long.

And it’s no wonder with all the conflicting, confusing and misguided information out there!

But the biggest reason why you’re not where you want to be is…

You’ve been doing this all by yourself.

Even Michael Jordan has a coach. Back in his playing days it was a basketball coach. Today, it’s a business coach.

You need a coach.

I can be that coach for you.

My clients get results.

They don’t just talk. They take action.

They make consistent, forward movement.

They understand that success leaves tracks… and by following the path of other SHIFTers they can’t fail.

Bottom line... they get results.

They’ve even saved a marriage.

Here’s The Deal...

For 23 years I was the owner of a chain of successful health clubs. I coached a staff of over 100 exercise instructors and helped grow the company to $10 million in annual sales. So I understand the challenges entrepreneurs face.

I helped launched my son’s acting career, while risking our financial stability for years. So I completely understand financial struggles and how to successfully resolve them. (My son can now be seen on the hit ABC comedy ‘The Middle’ but that was nowhere near an overnight success!)

I founded the SHIFT Formula, wrote the best-selling book, ‘FOOD B.S.’ and have helped thousands all over the world get out of health chaos.

But my biggest feat was helping my daughter...

I used what I’m giving you to save my daughter’s (Erin) life. I was desperate to help her in the constant, 24/7 battle all type 1 diabetics know too well. And in the process of helping her regain her energy, reduce her A1Cs and lose the 35 pounds the disease put on her body I discovered that the very same program I used for Erin could also help others in health chaos.

And now I have combined all these skills and experiences into one monthly group coaching program.

SHIFT Insider Membership

Here’s how it works...

First... you enroll by clicking the “Enroll Now” button on this page.

Once you do, you’ll immediately get access to our coaching site where you’ll find a comprehensive collection of valuable resources including the SHIFT 21 Day Program. This is our step-by-step blueprint to SHIFTing into fat burning mode so you can effortlessly lose weight, unlock a new energy surge, enhance vitality and get a thorough understanding of how to reverse chronic health conditions we thought we were stuck with.

And it’s all delivered in entertaining, easy to digest, short videos.

You’ll also receive your first monthly SHIFT Bonus Box via email with your coaching materials including your workbook, assignments and a calendar of activities including coaching calls and other events for month one.

Second... You get access to me. I’m with you every step of the way! You have 6 ways to interact with me...

  • During our live-interactive group coaching with me once a week. You can interact, or just observe and learn. And you can even watch these sessions as a replay later.
  • Facebook SHIFT Insider Private Page. When you join SHIFT Insiders you’ll be invited to our Facebook community where you can join other Insiders in discussion, support and further learning. I personally monitor this page so in reality you get daily access to me for questions.
  • Email. For times when a question is too personal you’ll get my direct email address. Only my Insiders get my private email address. And know that these emails are for my eyes only.
  • 911 Calls (Limit 1 / 10 min. call per month.) When an email won’t due, you also get my personal cell phone number.
  • 911 Text (Limit 1 text conversation per month.) Need a quick answer or refresher? Trying to make an important decision but want to run it by me? Go ahead and send me a text and I’ll help you get rid of uncertainty so you get clarity.
  • Facebook Live. At various times during the month I’ll come to you Live via our SHIFT Insider Facebook page. You can participate in exercise and yoga classes with me. You can join me live in the kitchen and make delicious dinners and desserts together, lickety-split! And, you’ll get to interact with me during my weekly motivation and inspiration message.

Third... You get immediate access to our Make-It-Easy Resources that include:

  • Easy Meal Plans (Weekly)
  • Simple, Fast & Delicious Recipes
  • Easy & FUN! Exercise Options

This is a coaching program designed for individuals who want lasting change.

Coaching is month to month.

Payment is automatic monthly.

I recommend as least a one-year commitment because lasting change takes twelve months of continuity.

I don’t offer refunds for previous months, but you can cancel anytime.

Cost is $97 $47 per month. (For a limited time, during our Charter Member Launch going on now!)

You can enroll by clicking the button below.

Your life is about to change.

You are the hero.

I’m the guide.

Don’t stay lost.

Let’s SHIFT together.

Barb McDermott


Support@TheShiftFormula.com or 888-477-4300

SHIFT Insiders Program

Get Instant Access Now - $97
Now $47 per month!

When you join SHIFT Insiders you get instant access to our SHIFT 21 Day Transformation Program. This program sells for $295 on our website, you get it FREE as a SHIFT Insider. Your SHIFT Insider Membership provides weekly and private coaching calls with Barb McDermott, fun activities directory that includes exercise and mind/body videos, meal plans, fast and easy to prepare recipes and more! Plus every month you'll find yourself eagerly awaiting your Bonus Box of Stuff that includes your workbook, monthly assignments, calendar of activities and a surprise.

No long-term contract. Cancel anytime.

Here's What You're Getting Every Month As A SHIFT Insider Member

Being a member is like living in our office and having me personally showing you exactly what works and how to get out of weight woe and health chaos ...every single day.

You get to stay in constant contact with me. With 6 different ways to interact you can get the direction you need without wasting time or agonizing over decisions.

And you'll be connected to an entire community of SHIFTers who are in your corner ...looking out for you and helping you at every turn.

Weekly Group Coaching
& Support Sessions

Every week meet with Barb in a live video conference. You get customized direction for specific conditions and challenges, plus the clarity and inspiration you need to know your SHIFT is progressing and will become your new normal... effortlessly.


At various times during the month Barb comes to you Live via our SHIFT Insider Facebook page. You can participate in exercise and yoga classes with her. You can join her live in the kitchen and make delicious dinners and desserts together, lickety-split! And, you’ll get to interact with her during her weekly motivation and inspiration messages.

EZ, No-Hassle

Now You Can Spend Less Time Than Ever Before Making The Most Delicious Meals!

WARNING... Unfortunately, our recipes will shorten your prep and cooking time. So if you're looking to overcomplicate making dinner, lunch or breakfast, you will be disappointed.

Monthly SHIFT
Bonus Box

Every month you’ll receive access to your SHIFT Bonus Box via email.Included are your coaching materials including your workbooks, assignments and a calendar of activities for each month.

911 Calls, Text
& Email Access

For times when a question is too personal you get three ways to have a private conversation with Barb. Insiders get Barb's private email and cell phone number. It's like having a guardian angel always at the ready to help.

FUN, Easy & Effective
Exercise Options

Exercise is NOT required to get results from SHIFT... but, FUN is! Join Barb for a variety of activities including yoga, stretching, weight resistance and more. And there's no need to join a gym or buy special equipment either. You can follow along anywhere... in your home, the beach, a park and even when traveling.

Private Page

Join other SHIFT Insiders in discussion, support and further learning. Barb personally monitors this page so in reality you get daily access to her for questions.


Take the guesswork out of meals. Don't worry about trying to figure what to buy at the grocery. And never feel guilty about eating again... even if you say, "WOW... I can eat that and lose weight!?" ...YES, you can! 🙂

Support@TheShiftFormula.com or 888-477-4300


My A1C has dropped from 7.6 to 5.6! I used to spend two hours a week, for almost 2-years, at a wound clinic, but my wound would not heal. At one point my doctor told me he didn’t know what else he could for me. Fortunately I discovered Barb McDermott and SHIFT Formula. Now my wound is completely healed.

Susan Gregan

A year ago I was barely able to move from my bed to the living room. Today I can walk the museum with my grandkids! I’ve lost 25 pounds. Because of SHIFT I have the energy for living again... and the knowledge to beat cancer and diabetes.

Betty Tinder

Because of Barb McDermott and SHIFT Formula I've been able to lower my A1C down to 5.9 and lose 10 pounds! And I'm thrilled that I can travel and enjoy vacation foods while still staying on track. SHIFT has also helped me reduce depression meds by 75%.

Dee McFadden

10 years ago I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. During the cold months I’d struggle to get out of bed. Within the first two-weeks my Fibromyalgia symptoms lessen to the point of almost non-existence! And today, I’m completely pain / symptom-free and have lost 35 pounds!

Donna DiNunzio

At night before I made this SHIFT, I would sit on the couch and my hips would ache oftentimes to the point of tears. Now there are no tears and No Pain! Even the swelling in my ankles has disappeared. I’ve been able to get off medication and in the process lose 35 pounds!

Karen Tinder


Chronic pain is Gone! Betwen us we’ve lost 54 pounds. And cholesterol is the lowest it has been in years!

Ken & Charlene Curley


With Barb McDermott and SHIFT Formula I’ve now lost 23 pounds with no food cravings and Lots of Energy! And my recent blood work results has shown dramatic improvement.

Priscilla Butler


I love this new way of eating and NEVER being hungry. I have never been able to give up sugar, but now, if I have butter, I DON'T WANT SUGAR. Great plan!

Elaine Silver


The Shift Formula,and Barb,are such a welcome way of life.I have M.S.and have been doing this Shift,for a short time.I am already seeing a change.I appreciate Barb,her willingness to share.

Kim Cox-Cunio


I have used the Shift Formula program for the past 8 months, enjoying delicious food, and feeling satisfied, while 12 pounds melted away, from the right places! This was after 17 years as a Lifetime member of Weight Watchers. I have exercised at the gym regularly for 40 years, and continue to do so. I learned so much, about food and the effects on our bodies. I was healthy before, and continue enjoying good health. I highly recommend The Shift Formula.

Christine Hannafin


The Shift Formula is a formula for eating that is based on scientific research and has been well-documented to show improvements in physical and mental health. From lowering A1C levels to healing long standing open wounds to helping with weight loss and less joint and stomach pain, this formula will put you back on track very quickly. Belly fat, inches, swelling, inflammation, and brain fog are often the first things to change....even before weight loss. There are no products to continually buy. You eat real food and things that you probably already like. From someone who doesn't like vegetables so much, I actually have started to eat some prepared with the SHIFT formula. Do yourself and your family a favor....at least learn more about the science behind food and its effects on blood sugar and insulin (which affect many, many health problems). Food can be a culprit or a cure, depending on how it's used. I wish I had learned about the SHIFT Formula many years ago.

Perk Musacchio


I just finished reading Barb's FOOD B.S. book and found it very informative and easy to understand. I've been a personal trainer and weight management coach for 25 years and have stressed all of these factors to my clients. This book helps to understand the science behind the reasons that we need to pay more attention to what we give ourselves and our families when buying and preparing food. This is a great book for everyone and no matter how much you think you know you will learn something new! Thanks for sharing!

Debra Gaskell Curry


I really got a lot of information from Barb's FOOD B.S. book. It was very easy to read and written in very simple terms. I really liked the phrase she used "green goes with everything"....I think this will stick in people's minds to think green veggies as a great choice instead of non healthy foods. Thank you so much for the chance to read your book!

Marlene Wild


Definitely learned a few things about food here that I was surprised to find. I thought I was well versed on the subjects of healthy eating, diet and nutrition but now know that it is a constant journey towards a lifestyle of balance.

Helen Swiker-Lamb


Barb and her husband are the best yet...loved the book even won one!
I am following her program now and find it to be the easiest one yet! No real dieting or exercise, although some never hurt anyone and it keeps your muscles going! The meal plans are simple yet so good! Thanks once again Barb for being there for us!

Doreen Spear


The SHIFT program has been just what I needed! At 52 and totally stalled at my weight loss journey, I was frustrated! I started 'SHIFTING' in May 2016 and its now January2017 and I am down 21 lbs --- and I get to eat GREAT, TASTEFUL FOOD! Barb has an easy way of explaining things and I just LOVE IT! The book is a great refresher!

Becky Auer


I can feel the shift after only 5 days of following the plan. So excited and optimistic about the changes to come in my household!

Sheila Donnelly Knuth


Great book, very interesting information. Well written and easy to understand. I learned a lot of new things to live a healthier life.

Marion McLemore


I joined the SHIFT Formula program 6 months ago, down about 6 pounds. Enjoying delicious food, a great support system and learning all the time. Knowledge is power!

Denise Ottaviano-Mullin


I like what they want to do for many people it gives them choices for eating.

Hanayo Kasainoyogan


Good info with scientific foundation . I enjoyed reading the rereading this.

Nancy Auer


Great book! Very informative. Lots of interesting things I never knew.

Adam Leicht


Common sense approach to living a healthy full life!

Sharon Wojnar Schrank