SHIFT Formula provides certainty in the confusing, overwhelming world of health for individuals struggling with diabetes, fibromyalgia, weight gain, pain, inflammation and more. Built on food science, SHIFTers understand that there are “No Foods Off Limits Once You KNOW Food’s Limits”.

How To Starve Cancer

How To Starve Cancer… By Turning Your Body Into An A.C.E. (Anti-Cancer Environment) In a recent presentation SHIFT Formula founder Barb McDermott shares the food science behind preventing and/or fighting cancer to significantly tip the odds in your favor… Here’s What You’ll Discover:Find Out The #1 Major “Metabolic” Weakness of Cancer Cells and how to […]


Beating Diabetes

Beating Diabetes With Science & Smarts Diabetes is not only a heavy burden, but a slippery one too. The burden alone will eventually do us in, but it’s the slippery slope, the slow and steady worsening of our health and quality of life that is the insult to injury. On D Day, (diagnosis day), we […]


San Diego Conference

For Diabetes Reversal, Cancer Prevention, Weight Loss, Inflammation, Depression, Alzheimer’s… In a recent presentation at a national elder care attorney conference in San Diego, CA, SHIFT Formula founder Barb McDermott shares the food science behind the health challenges many of us face including diabetes type 2, weight gain, fibromyalgia, depression, cancer, inflammation, and more. Barb […]