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Food Fooled No More!

The Simple Formula To Solving Your Health Chaos Have you ever felt like a fool? I know that’s how I used to feel about food. But now, we aren’t going to be fooled anymore! Our April “Foods” Day is in the past. With food we can get stuck in our B.S. (Belief System). We can […]

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Weight Loss SABOTAGE

The Big Weight Loss & Health Gain Mistake No One Ever Talks About… America’s #1 Expert on Delicious Weight Loss, Barbara McDermott shares powerful strategies to eliminate weight loss sabotage. In his book, Quantum Healing, Deepak Chopra MD shares a groundbreaking thought… “Every cell in your body is eavesdropping on your thoughts.” Which explains why […]

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Charlie’s 11-Minute Salmon Dinner

The Fastest, Tastiest Salmon Dinner Ever… Salmon In Minutes Without The Mess Or Fishy Taste… YUM 🙂 During a recent SHIFT Insider Coaching – Live Kitchen Show with Barbara & Charlie McDermott… Charlie shared his 11-Minute Salmon Dinner. When you make it like this, you’ll never experience dry, fishy tasting salmon again. We call it […]

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It’s NOT The Cholesterol!

It’s NOT The Cholesterol! Do You Have Cholesterol Concerns? Here’s a snippet from a recent SHIFT Insider Coaching Meeting with Barbara & Charlie McDermott. There were a number of questions regarding cholesterol and concerns of how eating higher fat could impact cholesterol levels. It may surprise you to know that only about 15% of the […]

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Benefits of a Ketogenic Diet

How To Get The Benefits Of a Ketogenic Diet Without Going KETO Krazy! Are You Going… KETO Krazzzzy!? Eat this… Don’t eat that… Stand on your head… Then spin three times… …while saying the alphabet backwards. Talk about intimidating, right? Well, if you ever thought about trying a ketogenic (Keto) diet because of all the […]

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How To Starve Cancer

How To Starve Cancer… By Turning Your Body Into An A.C.E. (Anti-Cancer Environment) In a recent presentation SHIFT Formula founder Barb McDermott shares the food science behind preventing and/or fighting cancer to significantly tip the odds in your favor… Here’s What You’ll Discover:Find Out The #1 Major “Metabolic” Weakness of Cancer Cells and how to […]

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Beating Diabetes

Beating Diabetes With Science & Smarts Diabetes is not only a heavy burden, but a slippery one too. The burden alone will eventually do us in, but it’s the slippery slope, the slow and steady worsening of our health and quality of life that is the insult to injury. On D Day, (diagnosis day), we […]

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San Diego Conference

For Diabetes Reversal, Cancer Prevention, Weight Loss, Inflammation, Depression, Alzheimer’s… In a recent presentation at a national elder care attorney conference in San Diego, CA, SHIFT Formula founder Barb McDermott shares the food science behind the health challenges many of us face including diabetes type 2, weight gain, fibromyalgia, depression, cancer, inflammation, and more. Barb […]

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