There Is A Solution. When You KNOW How To Suppress Insulin, Eating The Foods You LOVE, Hopeless Is Replaced With HEALED. Talk With Barbara Or Charlie To Discover YOUR WAY OUT. It's Closer Than You Ever Imagined.


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Dear Friend,

There is a very effective way out of health chaos.

It's called Insulin Suppression.

Insulin is a fat storage hormone. So it would make sense that when we minimize insulin, our body fat stores unlock and we can begin using fat for fuel.

We call this the transformation from being a sugar burner to becoming a body fat burner.

And when that happens, weight loss is just the beginning of a tsunami of health benefits..

The trick of course is understanding the process.

And then implementing it so your transformation happens in the least amount of time possible.

But once you grasp this powerful knowledge, your life will forever change.

“Finally, Barbara McDermott has explained why I feel this way in a language I understand. And she has opened my eyes to the way out of health chaos without cravings, deprivation or complication. At last I understand how to get healthy... now it all makes sense!”

Okay Let's Get Right To It...
What Makes This Program So UNIQUE?

You probably feel like you've tried just about every program out there.

But have any of those programs even mentioned the words Insulin Suppression?

Not too long ago we also felt like we tried everything. We were looking for an answer to our daughter's life altering health condition and had almost given up hope. Resigned to a life of defeated acceptance of her situation.

We were even encouraged by family and friends to give up the search. Telling us, "Are you making it harder than it has to be? Erin will just have to learn to live with it."

During the seven years of struggling to find a solution for Erin, we invested over $100,000 on courses, doctors, psychiatrists, nutritionists, seminars, medical journals, products, pills, potions and more. You name it and we probably tried it. But nothing worked until we figured out this Unique 7-Step approach (See below.) we now call SHIFT Formula.

And as we write this, we’ve now helped thousands of individuals escape health chaos. Our testimonials below speak for themselves.

Over the past few years, we’ve addressed, softened and / or eliminated conditions from the obvious… cravings, weight gain, inflammation, pain and diabetes…

…to the not so obvious, IBS, brain fog, depression, low-energy, migraines and allergies. Even heart disease and Alzheimer's.

"I can't even imagine going back to where I was before."

How Do We Do It?

We've developed a 7-Step Process.

We call these steps the 7-Pillars to Vitality.

ARE YOU MISSING... One Or More Of The Vitality Pillars?

Building good health is very much like building a house. It needs all of it's supporting structure to stay upright.

If the house is missing just one beam or post, it's a life-threatening hazard to anyone in the vicinity of that structure.

In the construction world that house would be either repaired or more than likely, torn down.

In the world of health improvement, it's not that obvious.

Every day countless, well meaning individuals embark on a new health ritual. Trying to rebuild their health.

More often than not the new program shows early promise.

Pounds lost...

Feelings of confidence returning, and then...

Like the house with the flawed structure, eventually this latest program crashes.

And since we have no idea of the fatal flaw in the program we sadly blame and shame ourselves. And for what? For following the flawed rules? If you're building a house following a blueprint that left out a supporting beam or two, is that your fault?

Of course not!

But still, we are left depressed, angry, and frustrated. Bordering on hopelessness.

No wonder we are hesitant to... "try again".

We understand feeling this way because, we felt this way... and worse.

Watching our daughter beat herself up was absolute torture.

It would take months to try to convince her to make another attempt at reversing her health chaos. And as a parent, the disappointment in her face when we realized that yet another attempt to resolve her condition wasn't going to work out...
was devastating.

"In the short-term it hurts less to stop trying."

Fortunately, for Erin, we tried one more time... and succeeded.

And we'd like to share with you how we can do the same for you.

But, first let's take a look at our program...

The 7-Step SHIFT Program

STEP #1 - EDUCATION: The SHIFT Program Course... You get easy to follow, even entertaining, step-by-step direction. Yes, feeling better is fun! When you know HOW to eat to suppress insulin, the chain reaction is resolution for weight loss, inflammation, cravings, and every other metabolic disease symptom and consequence.

STEP #2 - EXPERTISE: Personalized / Customized Coaching... We schedule follow-up appointments to work with you. Our "hands-on" approach keeps you on track, and accountable as we customize your SHIFT along the way.

STEP #3 - REINFORCEMENT: Weekly Live Group Support Sessions... This could be the most valuable part of the program. During these sessions Barbara takes SHIFT members even deeper into the science of health gain... physical, mental and even spiritual. This is also your chance to ask questions and learn from other SHIFTers who have already experienced and overcome similar challenges you may face along the way.

These sessions provide the focus. Every week you move further along your SHIFT. You can attend these sessions with Barbara, Charlie and the SHIFT community or watch the replay if you can't attend.

STEP #4 - 24/7 SUPPORT: The SHIFT Community... You can’t overestimate the value of being around like-minded individuals who are further along their successful SHIFT journey and who will openly share with you their experiences and lessons learned.There’s no need to guess, be confused or get the least bit frustrated. You are never alone. Our community holds the answers to any questions you have... and even answers to questions you didn't think to ask.

STEP #5 - 911 EMERGENCIES: Direct Access To Barbara & Charlie... If you need immediate help from us, we're there for you! You get our private contact information so you can call, text, or email whenever those moments arise. This is our way of relieving your stress and lightening your burden. There's no need to willpower your way through anything. Contact us and we keep you focused and on the right track.

STEP #6 - RESOURCES GALORE: Recipes, Meal Plans & More... SHIFT is so simple, you don't need a meal plan to follow. Or recipes. But for those who want the structure and who enjoy great tasting recipes that take very, very little time to prepare, then you'll love what we have created. You get every resource imaginable to make SHIFTing an easy, enjoyable and fulfilling experience.

STEP #7 - LIFELONG SUCCESS BLUEPRINT: Now you can side-step the physical, mental, emotional and hormonal factors that sabotage 95% of others who try living a “healthy” lifestyle but can’t get long-lasting results.

PLUS... WE'RE WITH YOU EVERY STEP OF THE WAY FOR A FULL YEAR: Results happen fast. Change takes time. We insure your new SHIFT Lifestyle fits you like a glove by staying by your side for 12 months. You are never left on your own trying to figure things out or grasping for answers. We provide non-stop expertise, support and accountability. You become a member of our SHIFT Family.

If you've made it all the way to this point, there must be something here that resonates with you.

Maybe it's that little voice urging you along. Even though the rest of you might be saying... "RUN!"

Scroll down the page and review our testimonials. Chances are good you'll find individuals who came to us with your same condition along with plenty of skepticism.

They soon found relief.

If after viewing our testimonials you are still curious, we encourage you to fill out the form on this page to schedule a Discovery Call.

"In a few months my A1C was down 4 - 5 points."

And just so you know...

The Discovery Call is NOT a sales presentation in disguise.

There is no need to worry about signing up for anything. Consider this your chance to save a lot of time in researching and educating yourself. It took us seven years. There's no need for you to spend a fraction of that time.

We'll openly share everything during our Discovery Call.

Therefore, during the call you'll probably get many answers to questions you have had about your health situation but couldn't find the answers.

Is the call really Free?

Yes, we offer these calls for free because as you know from reading our story we were once in your shoes. We were absolutely desperate to help our daughter. And we would have jumped at any chance.

So How Do You Stay In Business
If You Give Everything Away Free?

Good question!

We do get new clients from these calls.

But the fact is, we don't need many clients to keep busy.

It's just the two of us (Barbara & Charlie). And since we work individually with everyone in the program, we can only accept 30 new clients a month.

We don't send our clients to some intern or rent-a-coach like some programs. You get us. 🙂

And If I Am Interested, What's The Price?

There are three different levels of the program depending on your personal needs. Pricing starts at about $1 a day.

There is a 12 month commitment because, although results begin quickly, lasting change takes time.

Clearly it’s not for someone looking for a short-term, temporary weight loss fix.

However, if you are ready for change, are coachable and are open to following “right” direction even if said direction conflicts with the advice you’ve followed in the past, then…

Go ahead and fill in your information below and we’ll schedule a time to talk ASAP.


Barbara & Charlie McDermott

Complete the form below to schedule your call. (There is no charge.)


What People Are Saying About Us...

"I can't even imagine going back to where I was before."

"I will never think about food the way I USED to think about food. And I've lost 14 pounds already!"

More Success Stories

"I went straight to Barbara McDermott. She had the answer my doctor couldn't give me."

"I get to eat all I want and still lose weight. And I'm using so much less insulin. All this in only 7 weeks!"

"Who loses weight during vacation?? Me. :)"

"I've lost weight, I'm out of pain and have gained energy. Now I understand why."

"All those foods I USED to crave... I don't crave them anymore."

"The doctors and nutritionist couldn't help my daughter. Barbara did."

"I started SHIFTing right after my chemo treatments."

""It's not about diet or deprivation. It's about eating smarter.""

"55 pounds lost. I have more energy and most of the day I'm just not hungry."

-Karen, 48 yrs.

Lost 35 lbs so far. Completely off pain medication (Lyrica) and pain free.

“At night before I made this shift, I would sit on the couch and my hips would just ache ...oftentimes to the point of tears. Sitting here now – no aches or pains! And sometimes my ankles would swell and it’d be so painful to walk – again…no swelling! I now understand that my pain was fueled by foods I had been addicted to – but I have not had any of those since shifted. I don’t even crave them either!!!! Freedom! And now I enjoy so many other foods I had been told to avoid. I know I have said this already but, I will continue to be so grateful that you came into my life – thank you.“

- Dee, 55 yrs.

Lost 10 lbs. Reached weight loss goal. Dropped depression meds by 75%

“My goal was to lower my A1c number to resolve a diagnosis of pre-diabetes. After spending about 5 months applying the SHIFT formula, I did just that! (6.3 down to 5.9) I chose to SHIFT “softly” with a slow and steady transition. I ‘ve lost 10 lbs. so far. I am even further thrilled... thrilled!... when I proved that I could travel and enjoy vacation foods while still staying on track! Double win! The SHIFT plan/formula is so easy to adjust to... yet life-changing!! Add to this that my husband has benefitted simply by eating what I prepare! He’s lost weight which is great since he has type 2 diabetes and he loves the foods I prepare! Triple win!”

- Betty, 72 yrs.

Lost 25 lbs. Gained pain-free mobility and renewed energy. A year ago barely able to move from her bed to the living room chair today able to walk a museum with Grandkids!

“Years with Type 2 diabetes and now currently in recovery from battle with Ovarian cancer, I proudly say I lost 25 lbs and have the energy for living again! No longer trapped in a chair I am active and happy to be spending time with my family... all while beating both diabetes AND cancer. Cravings? Gone. Overwhelm? A thing of the past.”

It's So Simple...

“What I love is how simple the science behind the SHIFT is! It just makes sense.“

- Nini McGlinchey

No Cravings!

“I've lost 23 pounds with no food cravings and Lots of Energy! And my recent blood work results has shown dramatic improvement.“

- Priscilla Butler

23 Pounds Lost With No Cravings!

“I love this way of eating and NEVER being hungry. I have never been able to give up sugar, but now, I DON'T WANT SUGAR!“

- Elaine Silver

25 Pounds Lost PLUS... The Knowledge To Beat Cancer & Diabetes

“A year ago I was barely able to move from my bed to the living room. Today I can walk the museum with my grandkids! I’ve lost 25 pounds. Because of SHIFT I have the energy for living again... and the knowledge to beat cancer and diabetes.“

- Betty Tinder

I'm No Longer A Prisoner of Pain

“At night before I made this SHIFT, I would sit on the couch and my hips would ache oftentimes to the point of tears. Now there are no tears and No Pain! Even the swelling in my ankles has disappeared. I’ve been able to get off medication and in the process lose 35 pounds!“

- Karen Tinder

Just What I Needed!

"SHIFT has been just what I needed! At 52 and totally stalled in my weight loss journey, I was frustrated! I started 'SHIFTING' in May 2016 and its now January 2017 and I am down 21 lbs --- and I get to eat GREAT, TASTEFUL FOOD!"

- Becky Auer

SHIFT Saved My Life

"SHIFT saved my life! I'm 65 lbs. lighter with an A1C in the 6s. My insulin most days is down to ZERO. I had been taking up to 72 units a day just a few months ago."

- Boyd C. Davis Jr.

Enjoying Delicious Food While Losing Weight...

"I'm enjoying delicious food, and feeling satisfied, while 12 pounds have melted away, from the right places! This was after 17 years as a Lifetime member of Weight Watchers."

- Christine Hannafin

Fibromyalgia Is GONE!

"10 years ago I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. During the cold months I’d struggle to get out of bed. Within the first two-weeks my Fibromyalgia symptoms lessen to the point of almost non-existence! And today, I’m completely pain / symptom-free and have lost 44 pounds!"

- Donna DiNunzio

A Double Win...

"Chronic pain is Gone! Between us we’ve lost 54 pounds. And cholesterol is the lowest it has been in years!"

- Ken & Charlene Curley

My A1C Has Dropped To 5.9

“My A1C Is down to 5.9 and I’ve lost 10 pounds so far.“

- Dee MacFadden

I'm Not Hungry!

“I'm not hungry! I feel awesome, my energy level is great and in just a few weeks I've already lost 14 lbs.“

- Barb Isaacs

60 Pounds Lost & My A1C Has Dropped From 7.6 to 5.6!

“I used to spend two hours a week, for almost 2-years, at a wound clinic, because my wound would not heal. At one point my doctor told me he didn’t know what else he could for me. Fortunately I discovered Barb McDermott and SHIFT Formula. Now my wound is completely healed, Fibromyalgia is gone, A1C is down and... I continue to lose weight!“

- Susan Gregan

My Mood Is So Much Better!

“Because of Barbara McDermott and SHIFT Formula I’ve been able to lower my A1C down to 5.9 and lose 10 pounds! And I’m thrilled that I can travel and enjoy vacation foods while still staying on track. SHIFT has also helped me reduce my depression meds by 75%.“

- Dee MacFadden




Complete the form below to schedule your SHIFT Discovery Call. (There is no charge.)




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